T – 6.4 hours

Today. My flight takes off today. I’m going to do my best to blog throughout the day… it probably won’t work as I’m the most unorganized person in the world and am not ready at ALL to leave.

The current time is 11:54am, and i need to be at the airport by 3:30 or 4 at the latest. Here is my current to-do list:

Fill out/sign paperwork for school
Get copies of passport/visa
Pay storage unit bill
Get out cash
Finish packing
Get food item(s)
Get one of those carrying passport/ticket/etc around the neck things
Call Verizon and put phone on vacation – pay off bill
Call Gap and figure out how to pay online/pay off entire bill (one or the other will do)
Call Student Legal Services at school and see how vital the power of attourney is
Give mom account information for bank account at Bank of America
Meet Ashley for lunch/Dee at some point
Get at least one converter/power strip (?) sounds like a good idea
Fill out housing paperwork/sign and fax back to the university in stellenbosch
Call Bank of the West and Bank of America –let know I’m going to be out of the country
Have lunch with Ashley
Cry with Mom saying goodbye. Promise her I won’t die.
Make sure mom knows if I do die, I was happy with/dreaming about my African prince
Avoid going insane
Do all the things I’m forgetting to put on this list.
Don.t Freak. Out.

I have completed all of… one of these things. I had lunch with Ashley.

…and my mom says I don’t have my priorities straight. HA.

…and the day begins.

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