Got Ben?

Part 1: (written in plane while waiting to disembark…or whatever that’s called)

I’m sitting at London Gatwick Airport…still in the plane (I guess the preface wasn’t necessary). I can feel this city already seeping into me, consuming my senses with newness, with diffrence. With any luck, I’ll have 4 hours to explore this lace i’ve dreamt of for so long. I can feel the culture differences already; it’s one thing to learn about our differences and another to catch y breath in my throat as I think an accident’s about to happen, only to remember with relief that they’re supposed to be on that side of the road.

Part 2: (written after exhaustion due to traveling, stressing, time zone changes, walking endlessly, getting lost on trains, oh, and not sleeping hit)

It’s so cold here. Like, really cold. And the captain on the plane this morning said it was unusually warm for this time of year. As much time as these people spend walking and on trains, I don’t know how they handle that.

There are pigeon-like birds… or perhaps just…pigeons…walking around the subway station, and they get terrifyingly close, except of course when I try to photograph them. As I was eating a sandwich in St. John’s (Joseph’s? I’m a horrible tourist…or a really good one…) park, I watched a squirrel eat a bread crumb or some sort of food out of this man’s hand. It was endearing and so..unnatural all at the same time. The animals around here have been very conditioned to not mind humans. The ducks even just walk right by me as if I’m just one of them, quaking and nodding, saying hello, wishing me a pleasant afternoon, I’m sure. Don’t worry — I nod back.

Piccadilly –> District –> Victoria/Westminster –> Heathrow Terminal 4

…so I remember how to get back. I missed 2 of the trains I needed earlier… I watched them go by, thinking I needed another one.

Personal bubbles don’t seem to exist here, and everyone reads. And appreciates the arts. And it’s so QUIET… everywhere. There’s never really that hum of chatter on the train or anywhere really.. .that I’m accustomed to. For a chatterbox like myself, it’s surprising me that I don’t mind it.

Really, so far London is everything I thought it would be. It hasn’t surprised me, except in how much it fits the mental image I had of it.

…and they say television and the internet don’t tell us the truth about things!

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