T – … oh wait, I’m on the plane.

“World Traveler” my ticket reads… with an extra “L” I think. I can’t believe I’m on this plane. It’s bigger than any place I’ve been on… Three columns of seats, and 38 rows of seats. The plane is divided into three sections. It’s strangely (for me) calm. I like the peace. The friendliness. It’s not a friendliness that expresses itself in congenial, vocal hospitality like I’ve experienced in the south or a friendliness marked by quiet gestures of kindness like I’ve experienced in the Midwest. It’s friendly in conversation. Everyone is talking around me. Their conversations seem familiar, like they’ve had them before, even though they seem to have never met. They talk about the weather like it’s not the standard small talk topic like in America; they talk about it like it’s a baseball game they just won… or lost; laughing and wondering, questioning. They’re almost all British, the people on my flight. The stewardess that’s walking closest to where I’m sitting is so pretty; actually, all the flight attendants are attractive. Surprisngly attractive. Quite unlike the flight attendants on my many flights back and forth from Nebraska to Georgia or Georgia/Nebraska to Los Angeles. There’s just a different air about this flight, as if they know that these individuals flying on their airline are their neighbors, unknown friends that may live only a mile or 10 away in London. I’ve heard London isn’t the friendliest city, but it’s representation in the states begs to differ. There’s a baby crying. Loudly. But unlike other flights I’ve been on, no one seems to mind… or even notice. Their accents hit my ears like…like… like the first time V-Sko and I ate that brownie/ice cream dessert at Applebees. It’s that warm and good and different and new and rich and amazing. And only I would compare a brand new adventure with eating. ☺

I’m watching the emergency video.

“high heels must be taken off as they may tear the evacuation slide”

There’s an evacuation slide?!?! Sweet.

The demo girl in the video… is this spunky, hot red head. Her husband/seat partner is this tall, black, gorgeous man. Their kid is a nice dark brown that looks like a perfect mixture of the two. I like the diversity already.

Everyone always said The Outside (that is, outside America) would be so different and so open and ‘liberal’ and different. I’m feeling the giddy excitement of a liberal southern girl entering her utopia…. And I’m only on the plane.

I can’t wait to see what awaits. I’ll find out in about 7 hours when my plane lands in London.

I can’t believe I’m finally going. I’ve dreamt of this for so many years. I can feel something inside of me getting ready, gearing itself up, preparing itself. My body and my heart are both telling me that this is going to be a new era – that these next six months are going to change me in ways I can’t even imagine or dream of now. I can’t wait to see who I am when I come back.

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