ella fitzgerald says it best

“At last.”

I’m here. In Africa. Actually in Africa. Seriously – Africa. I’m not sure I actually believe it, and I’m seeing it.

I made it safe. I’m so exhausted I can barely stand it. I can’t keep my eyes open, and I’ve never seen such hideous, dark dark dark circles under ANYONE’s eyes before. It’s bad news. I also haven’t showered since the day I left, and my body has no idea when that was.

I think I figured out that I’m 7 hours ahead of Atlanta, 8 ahead of Nebraska and 10 ahead of LA.

It’s gorgeous here.

Oh, I also found out I WILL have internet in my room. Yay.

Pictures and other good stuff to come soon… once I’ve had some sleep and some non-airplane food.


What I’ve learned on Day 1, after 10 minutes in Africa: I am so American…

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