it’s getting hot in here

and i did not pack for it.

it’s 104 degrees today. at least that’s word on the street.

boys here are gorgeous.

…and sweaty. (because it’s 104 degrees).

i’ll have internet in my room in *hopefully* about a week. things here take about… oh, FOREVER. my computer has to be taken in to be configured for it, then it takes a while to actually be on the server or something.

so south africans know how to party. i’ve gone out every ngiht since i’ve been here. i also have taken like naps every day that i’ve been here. i walk at least 3 miles a day… and that’s probably under-exaggerating. it’s probably something like 4 or 5. it’s a mile walk from my flat to the international building, whre all the orientation sessions are… and going to town is even further. it’s AWESOME. i love being outside, love walking around. it’s exhausting though. i still haven’t copmeltely gotten rid of the jet lag… i had no idea how bad that could be, but it has really worn me out. i’m sure the uh drinking hasn’t helped any either haha

so braais are very popular here. they’re african barbeques. we’ve had one basically every ngiht… and there are bars pretty mucho n campus. it’s crazy. last night a bunch of the american girls put on an american barbeque to show them how we roll. it was a lot of fun. someone actually brought the balls to play beer pong. we did it up right. we taught them american drinking games… and cooked out american style… roasted marshmellows…

they still brought their wine. we didnt complain. they win on that front.

i’ve never liked wine, but i’ve decided if i’m going to be in stellenbosch, which is like the capital of wine country here in… wine country… haha then i need to embrace a healthy appreciation for it. i’ve tried a few sips of a couple different ones, and it’s sort of growing on me.

everything is also decliously cheap here. it’s awesome. i got a phone yetserday wiht a charger and sim card and everything i need for it — brand new… for $35’ish. and you dont need contracts or anything. it’s awesome. a meal that we’d pay about $6-9 for… so pretty cheap place.. runs about $2.50 here. sweeeeet.

i am so excited to put up pictures and do FUN things with this blog, but i still don’t have my electrical situation figured out… AND i have to wait for my computer to have internet. so hopefully soon!

aks questions. anything. this place is fun. i’m still getting used to it. my roommate is amazing.

i’ts so NOT what i expected. but i’ll talk more about htat later. it’s so ridiculously… i mean SO ridiculously white. it’s a little saddening. i keep forgetting i’m in africa.

but then i meet a native zimbabwe’an(?) or someone from kwazulu-natal (where the oprah school is! haha) and i remember that um… this place is AMAZING.

the accents… wow. i love it. 🙂


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