Cape Town

I mentioned before that we did a tour of Cape Town last weekend. It was unbelievable. There is a feeling about the city that is so vibrant, so alive, so enjoyable. It’s very relaxed, everything around here seems to be. Going to a restaurant is a very different experience, even. In America we expect very quick service; it’s an in and out kind of deal. We want our food quickly, our drinks refilled immediately. Here, it’s rare to find places that have fountain drinks, first of all. So refills are kind of… non-existent when it comes to pop. you can get another can or bottle if you would like. You see your waiter/waitress maybe three times total during the visit, four if you’re paying by credit/debit card. It isn’t considered rude here to flag down your waiter, because they’re not expected to come to you very often. The food is also ususally a much longer wait than we would expect. And you NEVER get the feeling of the hustle and bustle that is evident in the kitchens of American restaurants.

Food here is also so fresh. We went to a bar today that serves food, and I was thinking typical… not very good bar food. We ordered a pizza, and it was hands down the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life. The cheese is real cheese, and the meat isn’t processed. It’s all homemade tasting — processed food virtually doesn’t exist here.

In Cape Town, I found myself amazed at the diversity of landscapes. As you can see in that picture, there are mountains on one side, ocean in the middle, grass beyond the sand. It’s unbelievable. The clouds here are also… just indescribable. The day we went on the tour, the sky was this beautiful, bright blue (it is every day), and there were so many clouds. But the clouds seem to embrace the mountain, drift among the peaks, flow down even lower to where you really feel like you can reach up and touch them.

In other areas of the city, there are these massive gardens. The famous Garden Route Tour is here. It features all kinds of safari-like animals and brush… flowers of all kinds… trees. A couple friends and I have plans to go on it, probably during Spring Break. I can’t wait to see it.

It just amazes me that in one area, one city, there can be so much aesthetic diversity.

We are planning to go to a place just outside of Cape Town for drinks tonight, and we’re headed down to Cape Town tomorrow for a day on the beach.

As I keep promising, there will defintely be pictures as soon as the internet connection is working in my room!


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