The moment you’ve all been waiting for…


The past few days have been incredible. The girls (Alana, Cassidi, and myself) went to Clifton beach this past Saturday in Cape Town. It was UHmazing. Just gorgeous. We spent the entire day out there. I’ve never felt water that cold in my LIFE. it was intense. We would put our feet in, and they would be numb in seconds. It was so hot out that every once in a while I would take a running start and just go as fast as I could into the water, submerge myself, and then have to immediately run back out, squealing because of how numb my entire body was! haha The natives just… froliced about, swimming in the water… and we just watched in amazement. We also realized once we had been dropped off at the beach (the guy that Alana is sort of seeing took us on his way to work) that it is a topless beach. Interesting experience. Didn’t bother me at all. I get the impression from talking to people that there aren’t even many set aside ‘nude’ or ‘topless’ beaches here; it’s something that just IS. I really respect it. It was so… natural. I dont know. The entire nature was just laid back. It wasn’t a big deal. People are just people, and that seemed to be the atmosphere. Cassidi is from West Virginia and SUCH a country girl (ask me how I make these conservative friends, haha), and she was over it VERY quickly, but we just laughed about it after a while. Lots of old men in speedos, too. We laughed, but even that didnt bother me. It’s not about an ‘enjoyable’ sight… it’s just… people. Anyway – it was definitely new.

Friday night (i’m working backwards I know…) we went to dinner at Spiers, this very famous wine estate here in Stellenbosch. They have cheetahs that you can touch… ostrichs… tons of wine… etc. It’s gorgeous. A couple of Zac’s friends (he’s the guy Alana is sort of seeing) work on the estate, and they were having a braai. We brought meat and wine. It was lovely. We could hear drums in the distance — there are a few places around town where they do tribal drumming and stuff. It seems to be more for show than an actual part of the culture, though, which bums me out. It’s all good though — in time, I will make my way to a REAL tribal village and see the real thing. πŸ™‚

Other than that, classes started today. I am SO excited. I am taking 18 hours… which is a LOT, especially studying abroad, but honestly, lately it’s really hitting me how close I am to graduating, and I’m getting focused on finishing what I need to finish. I’m really stoked. I qualify to take their Honours (to spell it as they do!) courses. Here, the university system is only three years, instead of the American four. If students want to take a fourth year – it’s called their Honours Year, which is like the start of their Masters and/or PhD program. So it’s really exciting that Ill have the equivalent of a graduate class or two on my transcript. Im a nerd… what can I say?? I’ll never outlive it πŸ™‚

Mr. Ben Big – my main man. From when I was in London – this was really my favorite. Although the Houses of Parliament were pretty spectacular…. nah… he still wins πŸ™‚

and the fantastic Buckingham Palace. It took me AGES to find this place. i was dead tired, jet lagged, hadn’t slept in a lot of hours… didnt know what time or day it was.. .and I kept asking for directions and then walking the wrong way. i know you’re all shocked. haha but it was totally worth it when i finally saw it. SO gorgeous.

Here’s a view of Stellenbosch. We went on a tour of Stellenbosch and the surrounding cities during orientation, so unfortunately this and the next few picture are taken from a bus, but you can still get the idea. This doesn’t do the city justice, but you can see the clouds over the mountains (SO pretty), the mountains themselves and vineyards.

This is pretty much the closest beach to Stellenbosch – it’s about 15 minutes away. So really close. It’s gorgeous, huh? …wait until you see Cape Town….

Table Mountain! It’s the most famous mountain in Cape Town – the view from it is spectacular. The clouds this day we went… were unbelievably gorgeous. They just… wow. We’re planning a trip for sometime in the next couple weeks to go climb it and rappel off of it. It’s the world’s highest rappel, apparently. I’m stoked for the view!

Cape Town coastline… the ocean… it’s gorgeous. I took this picture from the bus, and it’s still amazing. I can’t get over it. I love it πŸ™‚

Meet my girls!! I’m the one on the far left…… just in case you were wondering… haha Cassidi is in the middle – she’s the one from West Virginia. She’s super sweet but has been REALLY homesick. She has a pretty serious boy thing at home that she’s missin’ like crazy. Alana is on the far right. She’s from Connecticut, and has been the IT girl here. Boys are all over her, all the time. She’s quite literally batting them off like flies. She’s got a few she can’t seem to get rid of…. haha They’re awesome, and we all just clicked and get along really well. They’re keeping me sane here. πŸ™‚

Love from South Africa!! Hope you can read it! Miss and love you all!

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