Driving back to Stellenbosch from Cape Town… it looked just like an image out of the Lion King or something… the clouds covered the mountains, and you could see just the peaks sticking out. It was gorgoues – hope this does it some justice.

This statue of this guy (and I should probably know who the guy is…) is on campus – right outside the Neelsie, the student center. A bunch of the first years apparently painted his buttocks blue one night haha It stayed this way for at least a week. It was definitely humorous. Apparently being a first year here is much like the American system of pledging a sorority/fraternity – they do all kinds of crazy stuff, are woken up at 6am every morning for a week to rehearse these dances and practice for these races. At the end of it there’s a big thing called Carnival where they all perform. Afterwards, it’s like they’re “initiated” and they can finally go out downtown and drink and party. Pranks like these are pretty common.

There’s a big over-the-road bridge on campus. This is the view walking across it… one part of campus and the mountains in the background. Can you tell they’re driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road?!

Not sure why this one is so small… but this is Jen, my roommate. We’ve ended up not exactly being best friends but she’s cool and we’re friendly. She hangs out with a group of girls who have uh… proven to be pretty catty and exclusive. Not really my cup of tea, but I do enjoy Jen. She’ s nice.

Weird -this one is small too. Oh well 🙂 Alana and me… we played with it on photoshop… had some fun, and it turned out cute. So I figured I’d share 🙂

More pictures to come once I get them loaded on my computer! (including cheetahs and penguins and babooooooooons!!)

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  1. The pictures are GREAT!!!

    Love you,

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