everything but the penguin s*x

(Authors Note: The author, upon much consideration, has decided that penguin s*x would be inappropriate content for this family and friends friendly site. However, if you would like to see rather hilarious pictures of all the penguin s*x, feel free to email the site content manager at cyndi.s.waite@gmail.com, and said pictures will be sent immediately. Thank you, and all complaints should be directed to http://www.johnmccain.com)

(Authors Note pt.2: hahahahhahahahahahaha….get it? …get it? That was a funny political joke. The author is chuckling).

Here are the much-awaited (by BOTH of you reading this site!) and anticipated and wanted and neeeeded pictures of the Wine Tour from last weekend, along with the Cheetah, Zebra, and Penguin sitings! Enjoy 🙂

From the first winery we went to… all the views are just… breathtaking. The wine wasn’t too bad, either!

Cassidi and me — I think this was our first or second wine they gave us to taste. It’s pretty cool – you go into these wineries and for R20 or R30 ($3-$4) you try up to six or seven of their signature wines, and they give you some history on each wine and how it’s made. They usually also have cheese or meat to cleanse the palate – this place had salami.

Alana, me, Cassidi — after the tasting, we had some time to explore the place – walk through the vineyards. So you know we took the time to take pictures of ourselves haha

Goat Tower! This is at Fairfield (Fairview? one of those). This tower was so cool… we could see the youngens sticking their heads out… and the goats were lounging about in their, sticking their necks out or their backsides out to get some sun.

Right outside the restaurant in the winery (the Fairview place).

Two of the cub cheetahs… I think they’re called cubs… Anyway, they were just too adorable all cuddled up together. We saw the cheetahs at the last winery we went to — Spier.

Meet Joseph the Cheetah — He is one handsome cheetah! The best part.. .was after we had been with him for a while, petting and asking questions about him and the cheetah park and about cheetah endangerment in general, we started hearing him purr — even when we stood up, we could still hear him. Cheetahs are big cats, but it’s hard to think of them like that… until they’re lounged out, relaxed, and purring over being petted. I got tight with Joseph – he was one cool cat 🙂

Also taken at Spier… before the cheetahs…

As we were on our way back to campus from the wine tour, we definitely saw these random zebras….. and they say wild animals don’t roam the streets of Africa… HA! I have been looking for solid proof that they do since I’ve been here, and um I’m going to take this! Hopefully you can see them and tell what they are. And I suppose technically they’re within a fenced in area or some sort… but still – random zebras!

The next day we hit up Cape Point/Boulders Beach/Cape of Good Hope. This is Boulders Beach – where there is a penguin colony. They have wooden walkways everywhere so you can walk around their colony. There are also places where you can just go to the beach. The entire area is absolutely gorgeous.

Aren’t they cute?! This is one area where there were just tons of them. one of the funniest things to watch was the females digging holes to lay eggs. Man, they know how to KICK. That sand was flying up everywhere!

This little guy was particularly cute… and rather photogenic 🙂

I adore this image of Ms. Penguin lady (or mister I suppose) walking into the water… when they got in the water, I don’t have any other way to describe what they were like besides to say that they frolic. Oh man do they ever. They like actually embody and epitomize the entire idea of frolicing. We shall name her Francis and remember her as Frolicing Francis.


So that’s it for now. I know that was a LOT of pictures. The promised pictures of baboons will come soon… they’re on Cassidi’s camera.

Things are still swell. Cassidi and I discovered a Chinese restaurant earlier this week, noticed that they have a buffet menu every Friday night, and we hit that up tonight. Oh dear me oh my. We ate more food… than I even want to try to recall; it was heavenly. We also discovered the pool today, and as it seems to offer all our favorite things: pretty south african boys, sunshine, cool water, nearness to food, and the potential for exercise… (notice that just ‘exercise’ wasn’t on the list… just the potential makes us feel worked out)… we feel as though we may have found our place in this small Stellenbosch world. 🙂

There is another exciting thing (forgive me if I have mentioned this before). I wrote to the editor of the Cape Times, the major Cape Town newspaper, and inquired about writing for them as a freelance writer or an intern. I figured – it’s ballsy to just put it out there like that but trying never hurt. And in this case, trying succeeded! He emailed me back and said it’d be great if I want to freelance and gave me the email for the news editor. Now this sounds all great like sunshine and blueberries on butterflies, but I don’t really do news. In fact, I’ve never done news. So I emailed him back and asked for the arts editor’s email instead but I feel as though since I haven’t heard back from him, that *may* have been pushing my luck. So… I’m going to attempt it. The hardest part about freelancing is that you have to submit your own story ideas, and then the editor chooses whether or not to pick them up. Seeing as I don’t know the area, especially Cape Town, all that well, and I don’t do news, it’s challenging for me to come up with story ideas. So… if any of you hears anything interesting in the news – international or whatever – they cover everything – that I might be able to pick up and do more on – definitely let me know. I’ll need all the ideas I can get!

Thanks for tuning in!


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  1. I just wanted you to know I thought the goat thing was unreal looking! It’s all so incredible. What camera did you end up getting? I’m so proud of you for taking this time and this experience to help heal the wounds of last semester. It will get better and is getting better. You look so happy. It’s good you are out the place that had such a negative vibe and effect on you. You are living! Living to the fullest! This is such a great adventure for you. I’m in awe- I personally wouldn’t be brave enough to do half the things you have done in your life… Go to Nebraska for school and then to California for the Camp thing and the intership and then to Africa. You amaze me. It is so inspiring.

  2. The pics are AWESOME! And frolicking Francis????? Super Awesome!! Keep enjoying yourself! You are my girl!

    Love you!!!

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