Dear Mom,

I know you went to have your MRI today and all those fun tests. And I know you were probably nervous and scared but being all like “no big deal, whateva, just another day in the life of Donna,” but Mom, I was freaked out enough for the both of us. And I have called you twice in the past hour, and you have not answered your phone. Mother, this is upsetting me. I am going to need you to answer your phone so that you can tell me that everything went great, that it was like a day in the park (a rather bleak one, but still) and that you will live to be 947. I will not be truly calm or happy or able to breathe quite normally until you tell me these things.

So the moral of my story is – I love you – a lot.  And, well, answer your phone!!!



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  1. Cyndi,
    All went well. It was like an awesome, sunny, walk in the park, but of course the technician tells you nothing so I will not know the results from the test until the doctors office calls to tell me. If I do not hear anything from them by this coming Wednesday I will call them and ask for an answer. All is going to be fine, I feel it! There is no need for such drama. Mama is going to be around for many, many, many years to guide and harass you. To tell you what you NEED to be doing and what you have not done yet! I will be there to tell you to do your laundry and to take the time to clean your room. You must have that constant reminder there! My work is not yet completed with you or your brother!

    Love you bunches!!! Oh, and by the way, stay off of that train!


  2. Such drama!

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