Let the adventures begin…

I’ve rambled about the train a good bit….. so let me tell you about the actual weekend of last.

Alana, Cassidi, Briana, Clair, and I had planned to go to Cape Town for the weekend– spend some time at the beach, shop, maybe climb Table Mountain. We found out on Friday, though, that the bus thing we had heard about to get into CT was going to be way more expensive than we had bargained for. We called around to see if there were any cars for hire left in Stellenbosch, but nothing… So we figured we’d just figure out something local to do on Saturday. Saturday we sat around bored for hours, trying to figure out what to do. And Alana talked to one of her friends, who was going into Cape Town for the afternoon/night and said they had three spots left if we wanted to come. So we had 45 minutes to get ready for this ridiculously random trip. There were about 14 people total who went – the other students we were with are all part of a group that is here from the University of California-Davis. They were celebrating two birthdays in their group. So we found ourselves on a 6k walk (about 3 miles) to the train station. We had no idea what we had signed up for… haha We got the train station, and I was just stoked. I was like… now this is an adventure! 🙂 You’ve read far too much about the train… so I’ll skip that part… we got into Cape Town… and the train – seriously – cost less than a dollar!! We walked around for a while until we found the hostel they had booked.

It’s called Blue Mountain Backpackers. Seriously a wonderful first hostel experience.


That’s the place! It was pretty cute. For R90 per person, we stayed in these awesome rooms – I mean, awesome for a hostel. Clean, nice, dorm style. It’s also on Long Street, a very… famour (or infamous?) street we’ve been told since we got here that we have to spend time on. It’s just this long street (haha) that has the best clubs and bars and restaurants and night life in general.

After we got there we settled in, changed and left for dinner. We ate at this place called Mesopotamia. We ate food there that looked like this:


and this –


on the plus side, there was eye candy … like this…


(who was raised buddhist by the way, which is fascinating and is like… smart. smart mcdreamy eye candy. now that gets a yum!)


so it was kurdish food? perhaps. middle eastern in general i guess. everyone RAVED about how great it was… but i think we can all see that it wasn’t exactly my favorite meal i’ve had since i’ve been here. but the experience was awesome. we sat on the ground… and i tried several things… not maybe a LOT of things… but several. 🙂

after that we went out and celebrated their birthdays. we went to an irish pub called Dubliners and the most noteworthy thing about that experience were the SINGERS!! Oh my goodness – they had this ‘band’ or something.. just this guy playing guitar and this girl singing, and it was amazing. They were singing a lot of popular american songs and some 80s (WOOO!) and I think they were better than the originals a lot of the times. And this is the amazing Dream Team singers:


They may not look like much, but they were freaking rock stars 🙂

After that, all the shenanigans began… and craziness ensued.. .and my mother (love you, mom) would probably lecture me if I detailed that part, so I’ll just leave you with a few of the (nice) pictures. 🙂

*dreamy sigh* he really is my McDreamy…… hahaha

The American flag!! We saw it on top of this building, along with a bunch of other different country flags… and we got so excited haha it’s been so long that we’re stoked to see even a symbol of America!

and finally…randomcar.jpg

yeah… cars park in the middle of the road in cape town apparently. we stared at it in disbelief for a solid, like, five seconds.

so that was last weekend. it was awesome. adventurous, fun, exciting. it was finally… yeah – adventurous. i like adventure.

this weekend Alana and I are off to Cape Pride!! I know you’re all STOKED… haha but I AM stoked. It’s the annual Cape Town Gay Pride Festival… tomorrow is the last day of it I believe… so the parade is tomorrow and a big carnival. It’s going to be awesome, and I will definitely have stories/pictures for you afterwards!


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