Who is in My Tent?

No – no, seriously? Who the hell is in our tent? This girl – don’t remember her name.* This journal is so I can look back in a gazillion years and know what I was like in Africa at 22 years old.

Well – here’s a shortcut from all the analyzing of my words in a gazillion years:

I. am. a. bitch.

At least today/tonight. this girl – she kind of smells, even though I know it could be a million other things. She’s pushy and has invaded my space, even though she was tryign to get to know people by asking if she could stay in our tent and wasn’tw anting to be alone. She never smiles and has no personality, although if I were nicer tonight and really tryign to get to know her I may find out that she’s a lovely person. Oh, and she has weird hair – like this one blonde piece stuck to the side of her head, with a clip even thoug it looks so perfectly dead that I’m sure a clip is just overkill.

Okay, now that was just mean – the hair bit. I’m letting exhaustion and space invasion make me a mean person.

I feel guilty for the hair comment. Sorry nameless invader girl whose name I haven’t bothered to remember or learn, for saying something you’ll never know I said.

That wasn’t genuine. I still feel bad. I SHOULD feel bad. I’m generally a good, nice, decent person who is friendly and… kind. And I’m not being that person. My mother, when she reads this, is going to be disappointed. She’s reading it now. Hi, Mom. Don’t hate your mean daughter for not liking the space invading girl with the weird hair.

Okay – real apology time. I really am genuinely sorry for being mean.

There. I said it. Now maybe karma won’t kick my ass later on.


Other than the cramped, smelly tent situation, today has been pretty fantastic. Sort of. Not like mind-blowing, best day ever kind of great – ut good. Definitely a solid, good day full of seeing absolutely mind-blowingly cool things. The driving, however, the endless, bumpy, uncomfortable driving kind of brings the level of Cool for the entire day down a notch or two.

I saw hippos!! And crocodiles! It was incredible. The hippos- they have these massive, reddish/pink eye areas – their actual eyes are dark – but around the eyes, like almost on top of the head, near the ears or something – the second they come up out of the water, it just slaps you in teh face – the red, that is. The crocs didnt really come up that much – just the tops of their heads. But the hippos – we saw them come halfway or so out of the water, open their mouths all the way – WOW. It’s insane. Apparently their jaws when clamped down all the way can put out 1000kg of pressure (that’s something like 500-600 pounds, i think…).

We’re here in St. Lucia right now. There are over 1000 – i thik he said 1200ish crocs in the St. Lucia river. There are something like 900 hippos. We took a lagoon cruise to see them. We – Alana, Gerald, Paul, and I – sat with our feet danging off the edge of teh boat (scandalous!). The breeze tossled my already windblown hair – it was so nice, felt so wonderful, after spending all day in the hot, humid truck. We all got so excited at each siting we had. I felt so… exotic, like I am finally doing something so unique, that so few people, relatively speaking, do. Which is unfortunate – I wnat to bring everyone over here so they can see these animals, this landscape, everything. Africa is my jungle, and I want to swing on every vine.. (I’m tired – forgive my cliched metaphors haha).

I got some awesome pictures. I had to remind myself to enjoy the experience and not just record it. I’ve become obsessed with capturing every individual moment that sometimes I’m surprised when I see the pictures. The pictures will be there, but I want the precious memories, too. I want to bring and share the journey with everyone else, but I also want to soak up actually living in it.

After the cruise, we had something like four hours of free time. Alana and I walked ot the beach. We had heard that the Indian Ocean was somewhere near us… but it was one heck of a hike…. and completely and utterly worth it.

We walked and walked, through what honestly kind of resembled just forest. After a while we began to think we had been given faulty information; there was no way with this scenery that we were anywhere near the ocean. Finally – we saw the mouth of the St. Lucia River… and on the other side – sand. Oh my gosh. I can’t begin to describe the sand. I’ve never seen anything like it. It looked like it went on for miles and miles. But we knew the ocean was right over the edge of the sand, if we could find it. It was flat, too, so you could see forever. Mountains were on one side, the St. Lucia River behind us, sand in front of us and all around us, and somewhere over the horizon – ocean.

When we finally got the to base of the sand – the moment we set eyes on the Indian Ocean, my heat lept. I was speechless. I was just floored. It was so gorgeous. We got there about 30 minutes before sunset. For the first time, I saw and played in the Indian Ocean! Oh man, it was unbelievable… so priceless. We didnt’ think to put on bathing suits, so we did the only logical thing – took off our shirts and dove in! We went in in our bras/shorts. I found myself barely even self-conscious, too. The entire experience was so new and beautiful that it was all I was thinking about, not the fishermen on the beach or the kids playing in the sand. We played, took pictures. The waves were so massive they toppled us over and pulled us under. The water was so warm, completely unlike the Atlantic off the coast of Cape Town, where your feet are numb even wading in the water on the hottest summer day.

After we got out, we watched the sunset. It was truly a special, unforgettable moment. So beautiful. I’m so glad we went.

So the first day = long but good. The drive here was 4-5 hours’ish. We drove up the coast of Kwazulu-Natal. I still would really like to go and spend time there, but it was a beautiful introduction. There are huge stretches of this one particular type of tree – it’s so skinny – it looks like a massively tall twig with leaves on the top. I want to find out what it was. I’ve never liked bush much – trees, flowers, whatever – but I have decided that this is my favorite tree. It looks like it shouldn’t exist, like evolution should have ruled it out, kicked it out, what with survival of the fittest and all. It looks as though it can’t survive much, like I could snap it in half with my bare hands. But its existence speaks of its resilience – it’s ability to survive. I like anything that beats the odds, survives when it shouldnt. I like that kind of strength of character.

Tomorrow starts at 4am. So – sleep time.


**Her name is Caroline, and she and I ended up being rather friendly. She’s from Sweden, and she’s a nursing major…. she’s a very very strong Type A personality, which probably describes right there why I immediately didn’t click with her and wasn’t a fan of her. She did come across bossy and pushy and space-invading haha but towards the end of the trip I realized… eh, it probably annoys the heck out of her that I’m always late, spontaneous, loud and unorganized. So then I thought – we can all go around disliking each other for our extreme personality differences or we can be appreciate that the other type lives in this world too. Without people like her, who would be our accountants and stuff??? hahahaha (love you mom)

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Let the Adventures Begin!

Paul is filling his contact cases with solution below me. He’s shirtless. (so wish i had a picture to insert here….. hahaha) The girls on the other side of the room – on the top bunks – like me, are in tank tops and underwear. It’s pretty hot in the room.

“Goodnight,” he says, tucking himself into bed, his Dutch accent playing with the word.

Alana and I left this morning for this Spring Break adventure. They call it “holiday” over here, not Spring Break. Which I guess makes since, considering it’s summer right now… turning into fall.

I woke up at 9 this morning – unpacked’ish…. still needed a sleeping bag, malaria pills, insect/mosquito repellant… and we were supposed to leave at 11. I made pretty good time. I couldn’t get malaria pills – hopefully I won’t die ๐Ÿ™‚ I got a sleeping bag and rented a backpackers backpack. I put that sucker on and all I could think was how freaking badass I looked – and felt. That thing is meant to be on my back. Or, better, I’m meant to travel – to backpack or whatever – to adventure through the world.

We made great time at the airport, even with me running behind. Our driver, Francois, plans travel excursions and weekends away and teaches surfing I told him he very well may become our new best friend. I’d love to learn to surf while I’m here.

I was in the best mood. Gleeful, joyous – in my element when we were leaving. It was jsut the two of us, Alana and me, headed to the airport, leaving on a jet plane for an adventure only half planned, less organized (on our part), spontaneous and fun. Something in that rush of not knowing my next move, my every move – something in facing the unknown and running towards it excites something so deep within me that my reaction feels almost primal, like I was born to live free, without plans and restrictions, able to roam and explore the vast (to me) unknown. Airports are always exciting – a physical borderland – a place standing inb etween one place and another. To know it’s not a place of entrapment but one holding the promise of moving – that’s nothing more exciting than that.

At the airport before we left

literally waiting in line to get on the plane

We got here in Durban with no idea of our next move – where we were going to stay, how we were going to get here. I saw a sign that read something about the Zulu Kingdom and I got even more excited. I’ve wanted to come to Kwazulu-Natal since I’ve been in South Africa, and now I’m more or less here.

Love it. Alana and I talked about it, and I vocalized, thinking out loud, that I love this entire adventure so much because it requires me to think on my feet, to problem solve. I have to think, have to negotiate, have to survive (in the grander sense of things). It’s so fun. We found a place – Banana Backpackers – quicker than I thought we would on Easter weekend and found an airport shuttle to bring us here.

We walked into a decrepit, broke-down building with stainedwhite death stairs leading to the hostel. For R70 each ($8ish) I was beginning to think we had found Durban Shady, instead of Durban Central. We got to the top and love embraced our hearts… ahha It’s bright, off-kelter, loud and homey at the same time. It’s fun. We walked through the hostel to see our room and passed faces that looked vaguely familiar – at least on did for me. She and I said hesitant hello’s and I kept walking. Alana stopped.

“You’re from Stellenbosch?” she asked a guy wearing a Stellenbosch sweatshirt that I had completely missed.

And they are. A group of 6 international students – five from the Netherlands and one from Germany.

We quickly discovered we were all headed on the same safari, as well. They invited us to dinner with them. I honestly didn’t really want to go, wasn’t excited they were here. I’ve gotten frustrated with the international students at Stellenbosch and especially weary of groups of them – they tend to be very exclusive, very uninviting, not very friendly.

But we went to dinner. Indian. A point of contention with both my wallet and my stomach. I am getting tired of paying money for food I don’t particuarly care for.


Of course.

I inserted foot in mouth. Felt ridiculous for being so judgmental without giving them a fair chance.

Not only are they all fantastic, inclusive, and wonderful company, but the food was amazing, too. I even tried something new – a chicken curry dis, and I surprisingly really really enjoyed it. Maybe I’ll end up leaving this trip liking Indian food after all ๐Ÿ™‚

This week is going to be full of friendship, fun, and adventure. I know it – I’m determined of it. I’m so excited for tomorow – to meet the rest of the group, to get started.

This is going to be a week I’ll never forget.

This is….. if I don’t die of malaria ๐Ÿ™‚

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WOOOOOO! SPRING BREAK IS FINALLY HEEEEERE!!! Oh, I am needing out of Dodge right about now. I mean this whole “in South Africa” thing – yeah it’s pretty sweet, but just because it’s Africa does NOT mean that it doenst get old. Well, STELLENBOSCH gets old. Cape Town is always wonderful. But even that – I’m ready for bigger and better exploring. I’m like Lewis and Clark – with ovaries!

SO – here’s the Spring Break itinerary!! SO exciting.

First – before the itinerary – we’re going to Kruger National Park – one of the biggest game reserves in Africa. It’s got the Big Five – Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant, and…. Rhino. The reserve is huge. All the guide books and everyone that lives here just raves about it and says it’s THE thing you HAVE to do in South Africa. It’s kind of like going to Tanzania/Kenya – you HAVE to see the Serengeti. (OMG i need to see it ANYWAY. NEED TO GO TO KENYA haha)

So here’s a video from Kruger. Um… jump to about 1:15 – the first part is kind of boring and slow. Good luck – I had to stop watching.

I DO NOT WANT TO SEE THAT!!! I jsut freaked out hahaha oh man that is crazy!

07-day-ndj-camping-swaziland-and-kruger-2008.pdfThat’s our trip!

We leave tomorrow morning – well, I guess this morning. Alana and I leave at 11am to go to the airport. We fly into Durban… spend the afternoon/evening in Durban. Stay the night there. The next mornig we leave at 8 to begin our Spring Break SAFARI! After it’s all over the next Saturday (and I’ll have TONS of pictures! hopefully of giraffes!), we end in Johannesburg… where we’ll stay the night there… and fly back to Cape Town Sunday afternoon.

I’m so stoked. It’s going to be such an amazing adventure. I’m really excited to see Kwazulu-Natal. Even though we’re only driving up part of the coast of it – it’s going to be incredible.

I just can’t wait to see how much I see and how much even this one week changes me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Easter everyone!

Love you all!

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Not to freak you out…

but i gotta post this for posterity’s sake.

so – the weekend i got sick – so like two weekends ago – maybe the 5/6 of march? maybe that’s not right. I dont know. Either way – a few weeks ago a police raid went down at three of the clubs/bars here in stellenbosch. Cassidi and i went out that night – were going to go to dinner than out dancing. And after dinner was when i started to feel sick. So we went to Bohemia (one of the places we frequent) and had a drink and then left. We were going to meet up with our friend Adam and another guy he was going out with but hadn’t heard from them. I let him know when we got back that we ended up not going out. Anyway – so the next day, I’m sick as anything, and he sends me a message online… and asked what happened. We start talking and he says –

that the police raided three places – Bohemia, Springbok, and Terrace (i believe terrace). All three places we’ve gone and go.

They came in wearing full raid gear and tear-gassed the clubs. The reasons I’ve heard that they raided was because of suspicion of drugs. They didnt have proof – this was all on suspicion. Here’s a youtube video of what happened at Bohemia — the quality isn’t great – i think someone must have taken it on their phone – but you get the general idea of what was happening —

I was so appalled. I just cant believe this kind of police brutality goes on here or anywhere. Ive heard tons of stories about this kind of stuff happening in the States as welย  this, by no means, is limited to South Africa or Africa in general or anything like that. It’s just… insane. I mean, this country is already so divided, so racially tense… and there is sitll so much distrust of the government/police forces because of their enforcement and encouragement and insittutionalization of apartheid. This kind of stuff just further increases the idea of this being a police state. It’s just… it was horrible that it happened.

People created a facebook group for ending police brutality. They had a petition going around the Neelsie for days – students signing it. They held a student rally against Police Violence a few days later. I went to it, so excited to see real political activism – in the States, students are just so damn apathetic. To see this kind of like… uprising from the students – not tolerating that kind of treatment by the police here – was awesome to see. unfortunately, the entire thing was in Afrikaans. haha The mayor was at the event, though, and they presented the petition to her. I couldn’t understand what she said, but there was a lot of cheering (SO many people were there!), and i think, ultimately, that good things were said and hopefullyt aht means that change is going to happen. And she ended her speech with “DRINK SPECIALS AT SPRINGBOK AND BOHEMIA TONIGHT!” and EVERYONE understood that… haha

So i’m not saying all this to freak anyone out. Adam and Christian were there during hte raids, and they were fine. Nobody was seriously injured. It was more a fear tactic. Still not okay at all. The truth is nowhere, here or anywhere, is ever going to be completley safe. and I’m realizing here that in order to really embrace life and to have amazing expriences and to really grow as a person, you just can’t put yourself an dkeep yourself in a bubble where you KNOW that it’s always going to be safe. You have to just learn to be smart, learn to notice your surroundings… and just… go for it.

Life is worth taking the risks.

um – er… just not the stupid ones. I’m safe, mom ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

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Happy Anniversary!!

Love you guys!


Hope you have a spectacular weekend away!!ย 

Happy four years — here’s to another four!! *raises imaginary wine glass in a toast*

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I’ve been such a slacker!!!

WHAT has been up with me?! No idea, my friends. I have no idea why I haven’t updated in forever. I’ve had things to say… things to babble about… pictures to share… and I’ve spent many a day bored lately – and STILL – no upate. You know what that means?



But I am going to frikkin inundate you with updates tonight. So… sorry. for that. but I will do better, promise!

I’m going to start with Cape Pride – which is the last big thing I talked about doing. Dang – that was forever ago. It really has been a while since I’ve been on the ball.

I must say though – my life-threatening illness did take a toll ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

Alright – Cape Pride.

It was… in one word – FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

Seriously – It was absolutley the best day I’ve had here so far. It just… man. It was wonderful. It was flamboyant and ridiculous and so… it had such a sense of community. I will always love the GLBT community (for many many reasons) but at least in part – because that absolutely all-accepting, all-encompassing, all-loving, only judgmental in the cute-gay-drama-kind-of-way… it’s just a very open and accepting community. If you come in with your heart and mind open, arms will be waiting open for you. And watching that, seeing that kind of community togetherness even in another country – really touched me. Not to mention, it was a freaking RIOT… it was hilarious and out of this world. Rainbows (obviously) everywhere, loud music, belly dancers, awesomeawesomeaweomse performers, dance party(!!!), “pride punch” (uh which was delicious and cheap, I might add), facial booths… all kinds of crazy stuff. There was a parade and a festival/carnival type thing. A lot of mostly naked guys, costumed homies, drag queens and kings… the whole shabang. And my booty was in HEAVEN!

haha i’ll stop trying to describe it – it was truly a pretty indescribable experience – and i’ll just put up some pictures.

oh! i did meet this guy brian – he goes to arizona state – so it was super fun to randomly meet another american – and he’s spending the semester living in cape town… interning at the Cape Times – so he’s a journalist. he was awesome and tons of fun. and we’re planning to get together again and hang out. good times!

enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚


The first thing I saw when we caught up with the parade. hahahaha i literally squealed and started taking mad amounts of pictures and started dancing in the street with everyone. I knew, right then, it was going to be a crazy fun day. alana was with me and her face the second we saw this – ohmygosh – it was priceless. She grew up in western connecticut – total suburbia – very sheltered- she was like… uhhhh i dont know what to do…. haha but she was aweosme. she just jumped in and had a ton of fun.


I adored the signs people had. They were hilarious. I laughed so hard at this one – I still chuckle – I wanted to go hand it to about a dozen guys i know….. hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚


oh come on – you know you guys LOVE it!!! it was just TOO funny. pretty much the best thing i’ve ever seen. like the dirty version of candyland come to LIFE! haha


Alana’s first time seeing a drag queen! Our friend Briana left this comment on the picture on facebook – “homeboy looks anorexic…yall should have gave him some food.” haha – true story.


THIS was adorable! There were all these belly dancers performing… and this little girl kept running out near the stage with them and trying to imitate them… shaking her little hips. it was just too cute.


During the dance party!

This girl wearing this hat came up to me while i was getting my dance on… and was like “girl, you can work it out – you get to wear my hat” and put it on my head. Then… she took it back like five minutes later. haha


meet brian!


OKAY. So brian and i followed this chick around (with our eyes haha) trying to come up wiht a master plan to TAKE THE SASH!!! i wanted it SO BAD! haha then i realized that it was 2007 and she was a fake. haha ๐Ÿ™‚ but it definitely provided us with a lot of entertainment. the guy was the first guy alana and i met there – he was awesome.

So that was Cape Pride – in a small nutshell. It was amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

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A question

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to ask for a long time, something that has truly been burning on my mind —

What won’t Meatloaf do for Love??

Thoughts? Opinions?

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I am most happy to announce that I am (mostly) NOT DEAD. ๐Ÿ™‚

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“This is Africa”… in this case – tiFa… and i think we can all interpret from there.

i haven’t been blogging lately because i’m dying.

dying in africa.


if i survive this, i’ll update on things. but it’s unlikely i will. just know, that if i do die, i had lost a few pounds this week. oh and that i died unhappy – because IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

oh, and as far as funeral arrangements – i want to be cremated and my ashes spread in the serengeti… preferably while frolicing and riding wild giraffes.

just saying – those are my wishes.

and the funeral service should be held as a HORRIBLY SAD AND ANGRY ONE. NO CELEBRATING.


you should mourn appropriately. with a lot of anger. and i expect everyone to be angry for YEARS AND YEARS because you all know i am TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

i will also be pissed off that i died before i got to KLOOF. seeing as i had to put off my first kloofing trip for this ILLNESS that has taken over me… i expect you ALL to come to south africa and kloof. THIS IS MY DYING WISH.

as for the actual service — i dont really like flowers – they die too and thats just morbid. bring me italian food and sit it like… on a chair or something. i want to be dead near good food.

oh and skip out on the bible verses. unless they’re horribly angry and upset. wrath of God kind of stuff. THATS HOW I WILL FEEL IF I DIE.


When it comes to eulogies – I am saying – YES PLEASE. i would like EVERYONE I KNOW to give one… about how AWESOME i am and then to be angry and cry a lot of angry tears and scream (really sream) that “SHE WAS TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” and then maybe throw themselves on the floor and pound their fists and go “WHYYYYY HER??!!? WHYYYYYY?!?!”

this will make dead cyndi happy.

and finally – my last piece of advice to you all before it’s my time to go (SO NOT MY TMIE TO GO) — NEVER GET THE STOMACH FLU.

you will DIE.

and be angry.

that is all.

ps – i love you all… and i will miss you all when i am dead… and all that jazz.

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apparently i still got some cyndi in me

every year at camp there is this one moment, this very particular, precise moment, that i feel, literally feel myself turning from “Cyndi” to nebraska. i really do BECOME what started as a camp name. and it’s not a persona… it’s really this part of me, this bigger than i ever knew or could have imagined part of me, that loves being up on a mountain, lives for sunshine and wakeboarding and jet skiing and tubing and boating and river rafting and camping and being outside! i’m not that person in nebraska or georgia. in those places i’m the student who parties with her friends, that likes looking good going out, that reads constantly and … yeah… but man, when i step on that mountain, and i feel the mountain air and feel the rush of the wind on my face there… i become nebraska.

and since i’ve been here, i’ve felt that. and just like at camp, i felt the exact moment when it happened, when i went from Cyndi to Nebraska, and man i love it. i want to spend all my weekends climbing mountains and hiking and bike riding and swimming and KLOOFING! and camping and white water rafting and sky diving and ALL of it. just being crazy and being hardcore and being outside soaking it all up.

and so i’ve been sort of on this like power kick… that adrenaline rush of feeling this way and feeling outdoorsy and rugged and hardcore…

and then i had this conversation.

and the cyndi in me – it all came back. ๐Ÿ™‚


me: okay. so a massive ass bug was just in my room – flying about
me: on my bed
me: and i freaked
cassidi: lol
me: and i caught it between a cup and my shoe
me: and took it outside
me: and i was trying to get it in the garbage can but only had one hand, and the lid went flying, and there were all these people out there
me: so these guys come up (uber gay guys btw it was pretty funny), and in the process of accidentally throwing the lid i got scared, and threw the glass… in the garbage can… with the flying bug… and then i ran screaming.
cassidi: lol
cassidi: haha
cassidi: at least they were gay hahaha
me: oh man i am learning some embarrassing things about myself.
me: anyway
cassidi: lol
me: so they came up laughing and were like what is it doll?
me: and i was like ITS TRYING TO EAT ME!! and there are a LOT of people outside, and now i am fully embarrassed.
me: and so it was still flyign in the garbage can, caught in the cup. and the guys start laughing… and were like… “it’s a cricket.”
me: and i was like THAT IS NOT A CRICKET. it’s trying to KILL ME.
me: and they laughed harder.
me: and i was like – do they bite? …and the laughter continued.
me: the uber, super flamboyant gay guys were making fun of me… for being scared of a bug… i so deserved it.
me: and then this guy told me… (this is the important part)… that once every few years…
me: stellenbosch has a CRICKET PLAGUE.
me: and they cover like everything
cassidi: huh
me: tons and tons of them! and he said they had one a few years ago… and they’re saying it’s gong to happen again…
cassidi: we have………..
cassidi: hmm i cant remember what they are called
cassidi: but its every 7 years back home i thnk
cassidi: hah
cassidi: ok
cassidi: just my luck
me: tell me about it… he started telling me that there will be days that i’m going to come into my room and crickets will be everywhere
me: i can never open my windows again. which means i’m going to die of heat. oh god. i have to get a fan. and go into lockdown.
cassidi: hopefully itll be cool by hten
cassidi: and maybe they were just bullshittin you???
me: hahaha that crossed my mind, but then i was too terrified of the possibilities of if they’re NOT to consider it further
me: we have to be prepared!
cassidi: ok…
me: i almost asked if they have cricket spray
me: but they wer ealready laughing at me a lot
cassidi: hahaha
me: so i figured not asking was better
cassidi: …thank god you didnt.

the end.


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