apparently i still got some cyndi in me

every year at camp there is this one moment, this very particular, precise moment, that i feel, literally feel myself turning from “Cyndi” to nebraska. i really do BECOME what started as a camp name. and it’s not a persona… it’s really this part of me, this bigger than i ever knew or could have imagined part of me, that loves being up on a mountain, lives for sunshine and wakeboarding and jet skiing and tubing and boating and river rafting and camping and being outside! i’m not that person in nebraska or georgia. in those places i’m the student who parties with her friends, that likes looking good going out, that reads constantly and … yeah… but man, when i step on that mountain, and i feel the mountain air and feel the rush of the wind on my face there… i become nebraska.

and since i’ve been here, i’ve felt that. and just like at camp, i felt the exact moment when it happened, when i went from Cyndi to Nebraska, and man i love it. i want to spend all my weekends climbing mountains and hiking and bike riding and swimming and KLOOFING! and camping and white water rafting and sky diving and ALL of it. just being crazy and being hardcore and being outside soaking it all up.

and so i’ve been sort of on this like power kick… that adrenaline rush of feeling this way and feeling outdoorsy and rugged and hardcore…

and then i had this conversation.

and the cyndi in me – it all came back. 🙂


me: okay. so a massive ass bug was just in my room – flying about
me: on my bed
me: and i freaked
cassidi: lol
me: and i caught it between a cup and my shoe
me: and took it outside
me: and i was trying to get it in the garbage can but only had one hand, and the lid went flying, and there were all these people out there
me: so these guys come up (uber gay guys btw it was pretty funny), and in the process of accidentally throwing the lid i got scared, and threw the glass… in the garbage can… with the flying bug… and then i ran screaming.
cassidi: lol
cassidi: haha
cassidi: at least they were gay hahaha
me: oh man i am learning some embarrassing things about myself.
me: anyway
cassidi: lol
me: so they came up laughing and were like what is it doll?
me: and i was like ITS TRYING TO EAT ME!! and there are a LOT of people outside, and now i am fully embarrassed.
me: and so it was still flyign in the garbage can, caught in the cup. and the guys start laughing… and were like… “it’s a cricket.”
me: and i was like THAT IS NOT A CRICKET. it’s trying to KILL ME.
me: and they laughed harder.
me: and i was like – do they bite? …and the laughter continued.
me: the uber, super flamboyant gay guys were making fun of me… for being scared of a bug… i so deserved it.
me: and then this guy told me… (this is the important part)… that once every few years…
me: stellenbosch has a CRICKET PLAGUE.
me: and they cover like everything
cassidi: huh
me: tons and tons of them! and he said they had one a few years ago… and they’re saying it’s gong to happen again…
cassidi: we have………..
cassidi: hmm i cant remember what they are called
cassidi: but its every 7 years back home i thnk
cassidi: hah
cassidi: ok
cassidi: just my luck
me: tell me about it… he started telling me that there will be days that i’m going to come into my room and crickets will be everywhere
me: i can never open my windows again. which means i’m going to die of heat. oh god. i have to get a fan. and go into lockdown.
cassidi: hopefully itll be cool by hten
cassidi: and maybe they were just bullshittin you???
me: hahaha that crossed my mind, but then i was too terrified of the possibilities of if they’re NOT to consider it further
me: we have to be prepared!
cassidi: ok…
me: i almost asked if they have cricket spray
me: but they wer ealready laughing at me a lot
cassidi: hahaha
me: so i figured not asking was better
cassidi: …thank god you didnt.

the end.


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