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“this is your captain with no name speaking, and i’m here to rock your world… with a tale that will soon be classic about a woman you already know…”

ten You Are Massively Awesome points to anyone who can tell me what song that is from (without googling!) 🙂


On Wednesdays, all of Stellenbosch (well, the non-old/ridiculously rich part) turns into a massive party. It’s almost like one huge house party… spread out through bars and clubs and the streets and the Neelsie (student center) and rezs (residential dorm-like things) and everywhere in between. I’ve never seen anything like. Fridays and Saturdays, perhaps even some Thursdays, gets Lincoln pretty boppin’ – lots of pool, darts, crowded O Street… but man, it’s still nothing like this.

EVERYWHERE you go in Stellenbosch on a Wednesday night is just goooin. Even when you ‘stay in’ for the night, you end up braaing or at least outside talking with tons of neighbors over a few bottles of wine.

And last night – last night may have been the best of all the Stellenbosch Wednesdays.

Adam and Galen – two of the UC-Davis guys that are leaving soon ( 😦 ) challenged Cassidi and me to………… Beer Pong.

(were you expecting something profound?!)




it’s so gross. and just not worth the calories.

But being challenged…. makes ANYTHING worth it. (well not anything. but definitely pong)

So we went for it. Team CCKA (Cyndi-Cassdi-Kicks Ass). We put a lot of thought in it, as i’m sure you can tell…

we played three games… got beaten horribly the first… warmed up and roooocked the second one, by a LOT… and on the third one-

playing Galen and Kelsey (another girl from their program), we bet dinner on it… at the winner’s choice (so not a smart choice…)

and each team – we both got down to one cup.

[side note: in beer pong each team has ten cups, set up like a triange – four, three, two, one – and there are two ping pong balls… two people on a team. each team player gets a chance on their turn to throw a ping pong ball into one of the other teams cups. if you make it, that cup is gone and the other team has to drink the beer in the cup. the game continues until one team gets all the other team’s cups gone]

so we’re each down to one cup (late in the fourth, 20 seconds left on the clock… haha)

and we’re each going back and forth. back and forth.

not making it.

and then… in one… single… perfect shot…

galen makes it.

and Team CCKA loses. a horrible defeat. a tragic defeat.

and that brings me to the moral of my story:

Stellenbosch Wednesdays should involve all things good and lovely but one should never, i repeat, never mix alcohol with betting… one will lose. a lot.

it’s a life lesson, i tell you! so… mom and dee and john, aunts, uncles, cousins alke – when YOU are tempted, CHALLENGED into playing Beer Pong – JUST SAY NO (to betting. say yes to the game. it’s good fun. you knoooooow you wanna play aunt sharon! i’m feeling christmas next year. WHO IS IN?! I CALL JAM ON MY TEAM. haaaahahaha)

anyway – the worst part is they picked some INDIAN restaurant… we were like really.. .if

we have to buy you some expensive dinner, couldn’t you at least choose somewhere we like?!


but it was fantastic fun.


i had an African first.

adam started up some hookah – so we smoked hookah. i’ve seen it before – we actually used to have a hookah bar in lincoln (so i’ve heard anyway), and people do it here all the time… you can ask for it in pretty much any bar or restaurant or wherever… but i’d never tried it.

it’s pretty cool. we played with the smoke, trying to make O rings, more than we actually smoked. i have no interest whatsoever in smoking anything, but it was fun. and it tastes great… i’m not sure of the exact flavor we had – but it was sort of minty.

[note: Hookah is NOT like pot… at all.. hookah is the actual device you smoke out of… and you smoke flavored tobacco mainly or herbal stuff or whatever. i’m pretty sure i’d be describing pot a whole lot trippier haha….] 

so we took it outside, laid around and looked at the stars. apparently there are stars you can’t see from America- from that hemisphere or something. it was very cool. galen pointed out several constellations… some of them, like o’rion are way smaller here than they are there. it was amazing to see the difference, to really see, in the very sky we all look at, just how far away i really am… it was beautiful.

anyway. done rambling.

i’m procrastinating from cleaning. 🙂 (shocking i know) i woke up this morning to a massive ant infestation in my room. i refuse to let them win this war. i will start the revolution… and i will WIN against the ants. (when i decide to clean)…. 🙂


ps – one more piece of advice from your friendly Guru of Greatness.

when you’re having a bad day and you feel like the world is just a mean, scary, sad place and you want to crawl under covers and not emerge for a while…..


and instead…….

LISTEN TO CHER. “if i could tuuuuurn back time…. if i could fiiiiind a waaaay… i’d take BACK those words that a’hurt you… and YOU’D STAY….”

just break it out. loud. and the world will be a lovely place full of sunshine and bubbles again 🙂

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  1. I cannot believe that you smoked hookah! That is like smoking pot, isn’t it? I cannot believe that you would do that!!!
    Now you are going to become a pot-head! A college graduate, but a pot-head! Do not let that become a habit please!

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