“This is Africa”… in this case – tiFa… and i think we can all interpret from there.

i haven’t been blogging lately because i’m dying.

dying in africa.


if i survive this, i’ll update on things. but it’s unlikely i will. just know, that if i do die, i had lost a few pounds this week. oh and that i died unhappy – because IM TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

oh, and as far as funeral arrangements – i want to be cremated and my ashes spread in the serengeti… preferably while frolicing and riding wild giraffes.

just saying – those are my wishes.

and the funeral service should be held as a HORRIBLY SAD AND ANGRY ONE. NO CELEBRATING.


you should mourn appropriately. with a lot of anger. and i expect everyone to be angry for YEARS AND YEARS because you all know i am TOO YOUNG TO DIE.

i will also be pissed off that i died before i got to KLOOF. seeing as i had to put off my first kloofing trip for this ILLNESS that has taken over me… i expect you ALL to come to south africa and kloof. THIS IS MY DYING WISH.

as for the actual service — i dont really like flowers – they die too and thats just morbid. bring me italian food and sit it like… on a chair or something. i want to be dead near good food.

oh and skip out on the bible verses. unless they’re horribly angry and upset. wrath of God kind of stuff. THATS HOW I WILL FEEL IF I DIE.


When it comes to eulogies – I am saying – YES PLEASE. i would like EVERYONE I KNOW to give one… about how AWESOME i am and then to be angry and cry a lot of angry tears and scream (really sream) that “SHE WAS TOO YOUNG TO DIE!” and then maybe throw themselves on the floor and pound their fists and go “WHYYYYY HER??!!? WHYYYYYY?!?!”

this will make dead cyndi happy.

and finally – my last piece of advice to you all before it’s my time to go (SO NOT MY TMIE TO GO) — NEVER GET THE STOMACH FLU.

you will DIE.

and be angry.

that is all.

ps – i love you all… and i will miss you all when i am dead… and all that jazz.

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  1. Such drama!!!!

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