I’ve been such a slacker!!!

WHAT has been up with me?! No idea, my friends. I have no idea why I haven’t updated in forever. I’ve had things to say… things to babble about… pictures to share… and I’ve spent many a day bored lately – and STILL – no upate. You know what that means?



But I am going to frikkin inundate you with updates tonight. So… sorry. for that. but I will do better, promise!

I’m going to start with Cape Pride – which is the last big thing I talked about doing. Dang – that was forever ago. It really has been a while since I’ve been on the ball.

I must say though – my life-threatening illness did take a toll πŸ™‚ haha

Alright – Cape Pride.

It was… in one word – FANFREAKINGTASTIC!

Seriously – It was absolutley the best day I’ve had here so far. It just… man. It was wonderful. It was flamboyant and ridiculous and so… it had such a sense of community. I will always love the GLBT community (for many many reasons) but at least in part – because that absolutely all-accepting, all-encompassing, all-loving, only judgmental in the cute-gay-drama-kind-of-way… it’s just a very open and accepting community. If you come in with your heart and mind open, arms will be waiting open for you. And watching that, seeing that kind of community togetherness even in another country – really touched me. Not to mention, it was a freaking RIOT… it was hilarious and out of this world. Rainbows (obviously) everywhere, loud music, belly dancers, awesomeawesomeaweomse performers, dance party(!!!), “pride punch” (uh which was delicious and cheap, I might add), facial booths… all kinds of crazy stuff. There was a parade and a festival/carnival type thing. A lot of mostly naked guys, costumed homies, drag queens and kings… the whole shabang. And my booty was in HEAVEN!

haha i’ll stop trying to describe it – it was truly a pretty indescribable experience – and i’ll just put up some pictures.

oh! i did meet this guy brian – he goes to arizona state – so it was super fun to randomly meet another american – and he’s spending the semester living in cape town… interning at the Cape Times – so he’s a journalist. he was awesome and tons of fun. and we’re planning to get together again and hang out. good times!

enjoy πŸ™‚


The first thing I saw when we caught up with the parade. hahahaha i literally squealed and started taking mad amounts of pictures and started dancing in the street with everyone. I knew, right then, it was going to be a crazy fun day. alana was with me and her face the second we saw this – ohmygosh – it was priceless. She grew up in western connecticut – total suburbia – very sheltered- she was like… uhhhh i dont know what to do…. haha but she was aweosme. she just jumped in and had a ton of fun.


I adored the signs people had. They were hilarious. I laughed so hard at this one – I still chuckle – I wanted to go hand it to about a dozen guys i know….. hahaha πŸ™‚


oh come on – you know you guys LOVE it!!! it was just TOO funny. pretty much the best thing i’ve ever seen. like the dirty version of candyland come to LIFE! haha


Alana’s first time seeing a drag queen! Our friend Briana left this comment on the picture on facebook – “homeboy looks anorexic…yall should have gave him some food.” haha – true story.


THIS was adorable! There were all these belly dancers performing… and this little girl kept running out near the stage with them and trying to imitate them… shaking her little hips. it was just too cute.


During the dance party!

This girl wearing this hat came up to me while i was getting my dance on… and was like “girl, you can work it out – you get to wear my hat” and put it on my head. Then… she took it back like five minutes later. haha


meet brian!


OKAY. So brian and i followed this chick around (with our eyes haha) trying to come up wiht a master plan to TAKE THE SASH!!! i wanted it SO BAD! haha then i realized that it was 2007 and she was a fake. haha πŸ™‚ but it definitely provided us with a lot of entertainment. the guy was the first guy alana and i met there – he was awesome.

So that was Cape Pride – in a small nutshell. It was amazing. πŸ™‚

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