Not to freak you out…

but i gotta post this for posterity’s sake.

so – the weekend i got sick – so like two weekends ago – maybe the 5/6 of march? maybe that’s not right. I dont know. Either way – a few weeks ago a police raid went down at three of the clubs/bars here in stellenbosch. Cassidi and i went out that night – were going to go to dinner than out dancing. And after dinner was when i started to feel sick. So we went to Bohemia (one of the places we frequent) and had a drink and then left. We were going to meet up with our friend Adam and another guy he was going out with but hadn’t heard from them. I let him know when we got back that we ended up not going out. Anyway – so the next day, I’m sick as anything, and he sends me a message online… and asked what happened. We start talking and he says –

that the police raided three places – Bohemia, Springbok, and Terrace (i believe terrace). All three places we’ve gone and go.

They came in wearing full raid gear and tear-gassed the clubs. The reasons I’ve heard that they raided was because of suspicion of drugs. They didnt have proof – this was all on suspicion. Here’s a youtube video of what happened at Bohemia — the quality isn’t great – i think someone must have taken it on their phone – but you get the general idea of what was happening —

I was so appalled. I just cant believe this kind of police brutality goes on here or anywhere. Ive heard tons of stories about this kind of stuff happening in the States as wel  this, by no means, is limited to South Africa or Africa in general or anything like that. It’s just… insane. I mean, this country is already so divided, so racially tense… and there is sitll so much distrust of the government/police forces because of their enforcement and encouragement and insittutionalization of apartheid. This kind of stuff just further increases the idea of this being a police state. It’s just… it was horrible that it happened.

People created a facebook group for ending police brutality. They had a petition going around the Neelsie for days – students signing it. They held a student rally against Police Violence a few days later. I went to it, so excited to see real political activism – in the States, students are just so damn apathetic. To see this kind of like… uprising from the students – not tolerating that kind of treatment by the police here – was awesome to see. unfortunately, the entire thing was in Afrikaans. haha The mayor was at the event, though, and they presented the petition to her. I couldn’t understand what she said, but there was a lot of cheering (SO many people were there!), and i think, ultimately, that good things were said and hopefullyt aht means that change is going to happen. And she ended her speech with “DRINK SPECIALS AT SPRINGBOK AND BOHEMIA TONIGHT!” and EVERYONE understood that… haha

So i’m not saying all this to freak anyone out. Adam and Christian were there during hte raids, and they were fine. Nobody was seriously injured. It was more a fear tactic. Still not okay at all. The truth is nowhere, here or anywhere, is ever going to be completley safe. and I’m realizing here that in order to really embrace life and to have amazing expriences and to really grow as a person, you just can’t put yourself an dkeep yourself in a bubble where you KNOW that it’s always going to be safe. You have to just learn to be smart, learn to notice your surroundings… and just… go for it.

Life is worth taking the risks.

um – er… just not the stupid ones. I’m safe, mom 🙂 haha

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  1. Good grief you scare me! Can’t you just go out to eat and then go to a quiet movie?

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