Schlappe Lekker?

I’m BACK! All in one piece too… not maimed by a lion or cheetah or leopard or anything. Fortunately. Although, I still stand by the fact that if I had to go, that would be a sweeeet way to do it.

So – I know you want to read ALL about my crazy week of adventure. It was pretty sweet. Overall – it was just unbelievable how much I saw and experienced, and I know the experiences will stay with me.

I’m at a coffee shop on wireless internet, and I completely forgot to grab my camera connector cord for my computer… so unfortunately  – no pictures right now. But I journaled all week… all the time… so that I would have a full account of everything that happened. I’m going to date the entries as I wrote them on the trip, so in order to read them all, you’ll have to scroll down, backwards through the dates. I’ll add pictures to the posts probably later tonight – or at least sometime soon.

Hope everyone had a fantastic week!!


ps – the title of this entry means “Nice sleep?” in deutsch. There were a group of five dutch students on the trip that also are studying abroad at Stellenbosch that we met. They spoke dutch the entiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire time. ENTIRE. TIME. haha i got very old. but it was fun for a while to listen to and try to catch on to. Out of our entire seven days together, those two words are the only ones I remember 🙂  

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