Holidays: Take 1

First day of the Holidays (it’s not spring here… so it’s not really spring break haha) –

we left early in the morning in this vehicle

pretty badass?? Yes, yes i do agree. 🙂 this was an overlanding trip i went on – meaning we basically lived in this thing…. when we weren’t pitching tents. and by ‘pitching tents’ i mean, well….. you’ll see 🙂

we left in this, headed out on open road… drove up the coast of kwazulu-natal and after a (VERY LONG) time, got to St. Lucia. It’s on the coast on the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

our first attempt at putting together the tent. we, well, we struggled hah and we struggled the last time we ever did it. but by God, the two american girls GOT IT UP. 🙂

see? PROOF!! haha we should have been standing by it…prove it’s ours 🙂

After we got camp set up… we headed to Lake St. Lucia – famous for the gazillions (or like hundreds) of crocodiles and hippos.

In our campsite though – we saw this sign:

like literally – IN our campsite. NEXT to the tents. LOVE it. wish we had seen them……wake up to a hippo in your tent… sweeeeet.

once we got down to the lake we saw THIS fun sign

Ah, damn! I was so hoping to bond with my new friends over a bag of crisps…….

We took a lagoon cruise on the lake… it was a bit overcast but still gorgeous.

and then…. then came the real hippo/croc watching!

enjoy — 🙂

ahhhh!! even now when i look at it i’m amazed. it was so incredible to see. hippos are ridiculously cool animals.

there’s a ton of ‘great’ bird-watching here (supposedly…?) haha we did actually see some really cool birds. this is a Fish Bird (that might just be a colloquial name, i dont know). Anyway, this was awesome because he actually had a fish in his mouth (or her mouth). Can you see it? Cool stuff.

And that – that was St. Lucia. 🙂

More from the rest of break will come soon! Still have giraffes and elephants and a LION to look forward to!!! (along with a ton of other stuff!)

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