‘Spring Break:’ Umfolozi Park

My first actual safari experience! This is out of my journal the day we went:

We got up at 4am, yes 4am. My ass actually got up, took down my tent, and got ready. At 4am. We met our transportation at the gate of the campground we’re in, and wow – it was legit safari gear. Three huge safari trucks, 4x4s kind of things, all open on the sides and top and raised up. The morning air was so chlly, but the sunrise (sort of) made up for the early hour and the cold. We got to Umfolozi National Park and set out on a 5-hour game drive. You sit quietly… and drive around… and literally watch for animals. The guides are incredibly good — well, that’s their job haha but they are. I was horrible at spotting them, espeically in the distance. The scenery – the park – is gorgeous. Mountains, lakes, the sun peeking up over the tops of the trees. And ew’re talking full on Lion King trees – the huuuge, sweeping, twisted and tangled trees. As soon as we entered the park we immediately saw 2 zebras (sorry, zebbruhz). They pranced right out in front of our vehicle. Zebras are so graceful, even when they run. Throughout the rest of the day we saw GIRAFFES!!, an elephant, wildebeasts, impalas, a rhino…. um…. hyenas… warthogs (“when i was a young warthoooooooog!”), wild dogs (amazing creatures), and all kinds of other things. We didnt see Lions, Leopards or Cheetahs, which was terribly unfortunate, but we still have Kruger to look forward to. The giraffes were everything and more I’ve ever hoped for — elegant, graceful… in an awkward way, and frankly – just adorable. I wanted to hug one, but the guide said next time. haha I’ll be sure to take him up on that someday. The elephant was incredible. It’s so much more massive than I imagined it being. After something surpasses a certain size – it seems as though, at least I, lose the ability to adequately even imagine its enormity. That was the case here. Even seeing it didnt quite make me believe it. It’s unbelievable, astounding, how fantastic nature is. They’re beautiful, the elephants. Even at that size, they move with such ease and presence. That’s an animal that owns it and knows how to work it 🙂 not to mention – damn – the sie of the penis on that thing…. it was INSANE. Alana gawked for probably five full minutes straight… and then mentioned it the rest of the day haha but yeah. it was quite the sight. The Alana quote of the day:

“Do you think people have sex with animals???” — after having seen the elephant penis. I can only imagine the thoughts of pain going through her head hahaha


The rest of the entry goes on into Swaziland, so I’ll stop there and put up pictures.

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