love the blogosphere.

came across this today:


Channing Tatum Unwrapped blog — it’s a pretty awesome fan site. Channing Tatum is starring in Battle in Seattle, the film I will one day be able to refer to as, “The Glory Movie of My Intern Days.”

(the Hotness, himself)

The fan that’s featured today on the blog talks about how stoked she is to see Tatum in Battle in Seattle. Tomorrow night Cori and I finally get to hit up a screening of the film in Beverly Hills (wahoooo!! one small step for interns, one large step for ….. interns……!), and once I see it, I’ll let you know just how right Adriane is about Tatum’s performance.

This film, I’m pretty positive, is off the hook. Everything it’s about is fabulous, the people in it are fabulous. Being an intern for it is fabulous.

I pretty much love my job, and even more – I love that my first tiny step into this industry is in a position where I not only get to learn SO much and really challenge my own beliefs and ideas, but it’s also one where I get to work on something I wholeheartedly believe in.

Rock on.

That’s my shameless plug and rant for today. Haven’t demanded the movie yet in your city?


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random pieces and bits

My job keeps me online all day… everyday… so in those rare (…) moments when my boss and I send each other youtube links or I see a new headline I just have to check out, I come across some pretty fun stuff.

Here’s some of the random I’ve found fun lately:

Job Related:

While searching for images for hours on end (love my job), I’ve come across some pretty awesome protest related stuff:

Gotta love activism in America…

I can’t tell if the billboard was made this way or if someone went and painted it on there. Either way – it’s pretty hilarious. A little too obvious and not really clever enough to seriously tickle my fancy – but there was a least a little “oooh! hee!”


This is too cool/…creepy… I sent the link to my boss – I think the world of activism just went up a whole new level in the fashion department 🙂 it’s a cool idea. Insanely powerful visually. But also a bit much, perhaps. I can only look at it and really think about the impact of its meaning for a few seconds before I’m disgusted. Although – that may be just the idea…

And, my personal favorite…..

Oh, it makes me laugh. This woman was part of a group of Lesbian Avengers who protested in Seattle in 1999. I searched forever (FOREVER) to find pictures of these women.  Ended up going with a, uh – less… in your face one. But this, to me – so represents why the protests got so big and just WORKED in Seattle. It all started as a bunch of people smoking pot in the streets, drinking, chanting, cheering, just being chill. Then turned into this awesomely huge, serious thing that has made such a global impact and really, started a freaking revolution.

I won’t babble. But the picture is hilarious.

Not so work-related…

So, word on the street is that British (freaking rockstar) singer Amy Winehouse has the beginning of emphysema. She’s SO young, and girl has been smoking for so long and so much that she already has the beginning signs of it. It’s insane. Rumors are that she’s trying to get her shit together and quit so 1) she doesn’t die and 2) she can continue her career. She has won so many grammy’s, and her music is amazing. I hope she can get it together and stop being a trainwreck. Girl is craazy.

…start saying, Yes, yes, yes, Amy. –(rehab for cigs?… that could be cool…)

This is the last bit I have for ya today. This is craaazy cool. This kid has some mad skills.

Good luck, dude!

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on a less than serious note…

I found this today and have watched it…. well, okay just once – but in my head – I replay it over and over.

Enjoy — my favorite 30 Rock Scene.

Sorry – couldn’t embed the video in here because it was on a random site. I’m sure people that understand the internet probably could…… but not I, not I. It’s worth it.

When Matt and I were looking for apartments, we found the place we’re living early on, and we called.. and he had said he would call us back. We waited… and waited… and waited… and little by little… I started to give in and call him – once on this day, twice on that day.

So finally I showed Matt that clipped and we laughed hysterically. And all the rest of that night and the next day, until we finally did get ahold of him and got the apartment, we would make jokes about going “Tina Fey on his ass.” Hilarious.

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On a serious note…

George Carlin died yesterday, and that’s just tragic. He’s not quite my generation, but what I know of him…. makes it tragic (plus – I mean, it’s death. It’s tragic). Anyway. I walk past his star whenever I go down towards Hollywood and Vine, which is every morning since I started taking the Metro and at night when I go for walks. Yesterday as I was going out for my power walk (I’m an old lady, I know), his star had flowers and even an American flag on top of a bouquet. It was amazing to see. It was so special. It was still there (and even bigger) this morning, and I made sure to bring my camera and take a picture. Unfortunately, I went through all the trouble of ordering a new battery charger off Amazon so I would have my camera again since my suitcase is still MIA from South Africa, but tonight as I was trying to find my connector cord to hook my camera up to my computer to put the Carlin star picture on here… I realized all my connector cables are, too, in that suitcase.


I’ll put it up here as soon as I can.

It really made Hollywood real for me. Real as in – not just the glitter and glam and famous sights and sightings… it’s a neighborhood. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a home and a cemetery. It’s life and its death. And it was George Carlin’s home. He gave so much to this community, and between yesterday and today I’ve read about his work and I’m fascinated by all he has done and contributed. His life was about art, and seeing the people of Hollywood, the everyday citizens that live and work here, pay tribute to him on the very thing that the industry itself gave him as a memorial to his outstanding work and life, opened my eyes to the world here beneath the lights and fame.

Rest in peace, George. Your life and contributions won’t won’t be forgotten.

Until I can put up the picture, I’ll leave you with this:

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This is Commencement.

My favorite blog is written by TV Writer Ken Levine (Cheers, Frasier, lots of other things). ( He’s blunt and dry in a….. wet…. sort of way. Ha. I can’t describe the image in my head. Anyway. He’s hilarious.

His most recent post is one tonight with what he would say if he was asked to give a commencement speech at a graduation. His daughter just graduated from Northwestern — I’m guessing that’s part of all the thinking about graduation speeches.

My favorites….

“Have many romances. Fall in love when you’re 30.”

“Don’t blame your parents for everything. Your peers screwed you up just as much.” — hahaha damn straight.

“Save your journal or private diary. In 20 years you’re going to get such laughs.” — It’s funny but it’s really humbling, too. It brings to light that 20 years… is actually (preventing any like… unfortunate, tragic death) going to happen. And it’s not forever away.



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I’m working on researching the aftermath of the 1999 Seattle WTO protests, and I came across this overview of internet protesting at the time. I found bits and pieces of it hilarious, especially Mike Moore’s comments:

“I am deeply concerned about the recent appearance of anonymous websites which copy important design features of the WTO’s official Web sites,” said WTO Director-General Mike Moore in the statement. “This causes confusion among visitors looking for genuine information from the WTO, disrupting a much-needed democratic dialogue.”

Also, I can’t lie – the bit about trying to rally people in LA to put “FREE PARKING” bags on the parking meters all around the city — it’s BRILLIANT. Who’s with me?! I love it!


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do it! see it! demand iiiitttttt!

In order to get the movie I'm working on, Battle in Seattle, to open in theaters around the country, you guys (as in everyone) have to demand it in your city. It's an independent film with a pretty A-list cast (Charlize Theron, Channing Tatum, Ray Liotta, Michelle Rodriguez, etc), and you definitely want to see it! If you scroll over the demand widget, a sit will show up - click on it, and just when it asks if you want to demand Battle in Seattle - say YES! Right now it's set on Newnan, so for anyone outside of Newnan, you can change the city by clicking on "change" under the location and enter your zipcode. It asks for your email, but it only sends you one email - just confirming your demand for the film.

Hope everyone's doing well! :)

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this is the stuff “amen’s” are made of.

My job basically consists of doing a lot of research on the 1999 Seattle WTO protests. So I’ll probably be posting interesting tidbits every now and then.

Right now I’m working on finding out who the key speakers for the Labor Rally were and what they said. This is the first speech I’ve come by – from International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) (a labor union that represents dockworkers on the West Coast, Hawaii and Alaska) International President Brian McWilliams.

It’s frikkin sweet. Especially the bits about the their boycotts of goods from countries oppressing and disenfranchising their people.

ILWU International President Brian McWilliams’ speech at the WTO Labor Rally 11/30/99

“The free trade advocates of the WTO have come to Seattle to further their strategic takeover of the global economy. We in the ILWU want to give them the welcome they deserve and let them know what we think of their plans. So we’ve closed the Port of Seattle and other ports on the West Coast. There will be no business as usual today.

In closing these ports the ILWU is demonstrating to the corporate CEOs and their agents here in Seattle that the global economy will not run without the consent of the workers. And we don’t just mean longshore workers, but workers every where in this country and around the world.

When the ILWU boycotted cargo from El Salvador and apartheid South Africa, when we would not work scab grapes from the California valley or cross picket lines in support of the fired Liverpool Dockers, these were concrete expressions of our understanding that the interests of working people transcend national and local boundaries, and that labor solidarity truly means that when necessary we will engage in concrete action.

That is why the ILWU is here today, with all of you — to tell the agents of global capital that we, the workers, those who care about social justice and protecting our rights and our planet, will not sit quietly by while they meet behind closed doors to carve up our world. We know that what they have in mind for us is a race to the bottom, dismantling our protective laws wherever they find us weak, that they want to pit workers of one country against the workers of another, to erase our protections and standards in an international corporate feeding frenzy in which workers are not just on the menu — we are the main course. We will not cooperate

We know our history, our legacy and our ongoing responsibility. No one can make this statement stronger than longshore workers who make their living moving international cargo. And what do we want? We demand fair trade — not free trade — not the policies of the WTO that are devastating workers everywhere and the planet that sustains us.

And let us be clear. Let’s not allow the free traders to paint us as isolationist anti-traders. We are for trade. Don’t ever forget —  it is the labor of working people that produces all the wealth. When we say we demand fair trade policies we mean we demand a world in which trade brings dignity and fair treatment to all workers, with its benefits shared fairly and equally, a world in which the interconnectedness of trade promotes peace and encourages healthy and environmentally sound and sustainable development, a world which promotes economic justice and social justice and environmental sanity. The free traders promote economic injustice, social injustice and environmental insanity.

We are sending the WTO this message loud and clear. We will not sit idly by while you corporate puppets of the WTO plot this economic coup. You will not seize control of our world without a fight.

Are you ready for the fight?

Damn right!”


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victory dance!

I got the internship!! It only pays $8.10 an hour, which is actually less than California minimum wage, BUT it’s a paid internship in the movie industry… so I’m not complaining.

They liked my video, invited me in for an interview… and after sending me the general rejection email, I got another one saying they wanted me!

It’s a Research/Viral Marketing internship working on Battle In Seattle, a film starring Charlize Theron, Michelle Rodriguez, Ray Liotta…. it’s an activist film about the 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle. The suite we’re in is in a building that is literally between the Warner Brothers Studios and the NBC studios… with the Hollywood hills behind it. It’s in Burbank. I’m loving life. It’s a lot of hours a day in front of a computer doing research, but that’s just getting me out walking at night to get some much needed exercise.

Life in Hollywood is going well. I went for a walk tonight down Hollywood Boulevard and Sarah Silverman (realllllly funny comedian who dates Jimmy Kimmel) was standing outside the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios. That was cool. Then I went and saw The Incredible Hulk at the Arclight, and Robin Williams was there with his (I’m assuming?) wife. That was also cool.

This city is incredible. It feels so good to be here… to be jumping into life and just taking a go at everything I’ve really ever dreamt of. My TV Writing course starts not this upcoming weekend but the weekend after. I’m looking forward to delving into that writing and seeing how I do.

Hope everyone’s doing well!

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cross-cuntry crewzin

The Matt and Cyndi Roadtrip: The Highlights

Day 2: (first full day)

Matt: Let’s stay at a nice hotel tonight!
Cyndi: Yeah, let’s do it!

….a couple of hours later

Matt (after seeing a billboard): They have an INDOOR POOL! Can we stay there?! It’s like 30 minutes away.
Cyndi: Where?
Matt: The Super 8!


Matt: I’m not soft. In fact, I’m hard right now.
-About not being “pretty,” making a *cough* tough face.


Matt: The San Andreas hasn’t exploded with earthquakeness in a long time. My mom said to get under a doorway.
Cyndi: When a volcano explodes?


On baboons:

Cyndi: Oh Matty – let’s climb that big hill, mountain-like thing.
Matt: …No.
Cyndi: But maybe there are baboons up there!
Matt: (stares at Cyndi)

(like an hour later)

Cyndi (on the phone with Justin): Are there baboons in America? ….Yes?! (looks at Matt, smugly) I WIN!
Justin: …in the zoos
Cyndi: …oh
Matt: I KNEW IT!

(2 hours later)

Cyndi: See, I thought there were baboons IN the Grand Canyon
Matt: (stares at Cyndi)


Billboards across the states….

“Thou shalt not commit ADULTERY. The LORD will look down on you and so shall I.”

“Where are you going to spend ETERNITY?”

“Team Drivers: JESUS AND YOU”

Los Angeles:


The License Plate Game: 39 states + Ontario and British Columbia = ROCKSTAR.


Tucumcara is lovely. And 20 degrees less miserable than the rest of Texas/New Mexico.



National Shrine of Infant Baby Jesus (Prague, Oklahoma)

It was pretty much the smallest thing ever. It rocked.

Largest Cross in the Western Hemisphere (Groom, Texas) — June 5

Built in 1995. 190 feet tall and can withstand 140mph winds/F-1 tornado.

….after seeing the world’s biggest cross, the previously air-conditionally challenged car was SAVED! Leslie believed, and she was healed.

…and then so did Matt.

Thought for the day:
The Lord works in mighty mysterious ways….. But seriously – YAY FOR LESLIE!

(…then we saw tumbleweeds)

The World’s Crappiest (and most awesome) Water Park:
Splash Amarillo
(Amarillo, Texas)

….that’s uh – pretty much the ENTIRE park.

And the reason we went? Our calling to this grand water park that we did in 25 minutes (Oh, yes, we did pull into the parking lot — that was adjacent to a trailer park — and changed into swimsuits in the car, grabbed money, and did the entire park in 25. yesssssss it was fantastic)

THIS slide = the heart and soul of Amarillo…

Yep. It’s like a PVC Pipe slide called the Side Twister (aka – the bowl). That we rode. It was pretty fantastic. They tell you on the way down, “Keep your butt in the air. Don’t let your bottom hit the slide.” Matt failed at directions. He limped out. Sore. Faaaaantastic water parking!

We found the heart (and 17 year old six-packs) of Amarillo!

The World’s Longest Aerial Tramway(Albuquerque, NM)


Sign on the second tower along the tram ride: “DANGER: Do not jump off tower! Survivors will be prosecuted.”

Hypothetical conversation:
“Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon?”
“Oh, I’ve been to the grandest of all the canyons.”

**Replaces Grand Canyon in Grandness and Canyonness


We went to:

London, Spain, Prague, Palestine, Lebanon, Milan


On Seeing Matt’s Grandpa… (Phoenix, Arizona)

Matt (while driving): My grandfather lives like 30 minutes outside of Phoenix. We’ll be that much closer to LA!

(2 hours later)

Matt: My grandpa lives like 30 minutes outside of Phoenix! We won’t have as far to drive to LA tomorrow!

(2 hours later)

Matt: Hey, my grandpa lives like 45 miles outside of Phoenix. That’s like 30 minutes off our trip to LA tomorrow!

Matt calls Grandpa to let him know we’re in the ‘hood. Grandpa says he’ll drive to the gas station we’re at to meet us and take us back to his place:

Grandpa: I’ll be driving the white station wagon. The front is smashed in. I hit a cow.

(at the house, later)

Grandpa (talking to Matt about his grandmother’s cat that he has been taking care of since his grandmother died): I would still be married to your grandma if we could have made it work. She’s the only woman I’ve ever really loved, and I loved her until the very end.
Matt: And now you have the cat.
Grandpa: …and now I have the cat.


And then the car broke down 15 minutes outside the city at the last gas stop.

California AAA #: 18004009222

Abel Repairs. Ghetto. Fab. More ghetto. Less fab.

$552 for air conditioning repair…….. that somehow compromised the entire car. YAY

(while car was being prepared)

-walking on the highway, gross-nasty
Cyndi: I just feel like life is going to give us a box of chocolates, and we’re going to make….fondue
Matt: I feel like life is going to give us penguins, and we’re going to make a piano. ….THAT’s pretty much what you just said to me.

Exist 33. Baldwin Park. Yessss.

er, um, excuse me – the neighborhood SIZZLER! (we got wireless!)


Later that night. At the Grand Park Inn.

Tina Fey on Paul’s ass.

(later. walking out of Target)

Matt (generally bummed out about money and life and his decision to move to LA)
Cyndi: Matt, the great thing about dreams is that if one fails, you can move on to the next one!
Matt: I can’t handle you right now, Hallmark.


And then FINALLY…. finding an apartment. (finally as in, a whole day and a half in the city homeless)

Gale: Yeah, Tal said…

(turns out PAULS name is TAL)

Tal’s Ad: A lot of stuff has been filmed here. Most recently some Ashton Kutcher/Amanda Peet movie (ugh).

Matt: That means nothing to me.
Cyndi: (shows Matt the scene in A Lot Like Love. They look at the pictures on the ad)


And that, is the nonsensical, ridiculous bits and pieces of our trip that I journaled.

It was truly fantastic. It took us like four or five days. Two days (ish) once we were in LA to find a place. And now we’re here. It’s a single apartment (meaning the bedroom/living room is the same thing, and the kitchen is slightly separate). It’s tiny but fantastic. We live at

1245 Vine Street Apt. #309 Los Angeles, CA 90038.

We’ve waited our entire lives for Los Angeles addresses. And now we have them. Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!

We live right in the middle of Hollywood – Hollywood Boulevard is like four blocks down, and Arclight (huge, famous movie theater) is about two blocks away.

It’s great.

So that’s life for us!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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