This is why This is why This is why It’s Hot.

I am sitting at the Borders on the corner of Sunset and Vine in Hollywood, and a man sitting at a table across from me (crossed legs, muse* in tow) has an open music book in his hands and headphones in his ears. His phone call is apparently with all of Borders. “Um yeah, I don’t even think she knows how to read music,” he says in a lyrical, higher(ish) pitched voice. “Funny,” I hypothetically retort back. “I totally think she does.”

A second man crosses in front of First Man, to my left. He weighs approximately 312 pounds and has a nearly equally massive blood red tattoo of an indiscernible shape or object down his right arm. He’s glaring at our phone talker, or perhaps just… looking at him. Phone Talker Man glances at Big Burly Tattoo Man…. and just keeps talking.

I love Hollywood.

*murse = man purse

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  1. murse = man purse, but muse does not

  2. also, your blog is still on africa time

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