go ahead and crown me Ms. 2009 Sundance.

So – I’ve got tons of journaled – totally blog-worthy stuff to put on here. But you KNOW I can’t find my small journal. I will be all sorts of devastated if I found that I have lost/left it somewhere. But anyway- life will work out. 🙂 And I will update this thing with all the craziness of New York, Boston, being back in Georgia for a few days, the roadtrip out here, and getting settled in Hollywood. Life is insane and crazy, and I’m loving every second.

For today — I just gotta share this.

A couple of days ago, Matt and I were searching for jobs (like every day), and I came across a listing on Craigslist (so you know it’s legit haha) for this cool Viral Marketing/Social Internship job thing. It’s paid (paid like eat some peanut butter on a spoon for dinner but at least it’s paid!) and it looks pretty awesome.

http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/wri/709325654.html –> there’s the description of it

So, not knowing if it was totally legit, I went ahead and sent an email in… I got a response back (that I’m sure they sent to everyone) with a youtube video link and a description of the second part of the application process. They want everyone interested to make their own video and post it to YouTube, telling them a bit about ourselves… our experience… basically a really chill, fun version of a video resume. I was like – oh dear goodness, I have no idea how to make videos like that and upload them. So I discovered the true greatness of MacBooks — iLife. I taught myself how to use iMovie in a day, and between then and now finished my video. It’s ridiculous and fun, and for my first ever attempt at making my own little movie, I’m pretty darn proud. So yeah — I’m thinking I’ll win at the Sundance Film Festival next year 🙂

Here’s their video first outlining what to do… and it’s followed by my video. Enjoy!

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