On a serious note…

George Carlin died yesterday, and that’s just tragic. He’s not quite my generation, but what I know of him…. makes it tragic (plus – I mean, it’s death. It’s tragic). Anyway. I walk past his star whenever I go down towards Hollywood and Vine, which is every morning since I started taking the Metro and at night when I go for walks. Yesterday as I was going out for my power walk (I’m an old lady, I know), his star had flowers and even an American flag on top of a bouquet. It was amazing to see. It was so special. It was still there (and even bigger) this morning, and I made sure to bring my camera and take a picture. Unfortunately, I went through all the trouble of ordering a new battery charger off Amazon so I would have my camera again since my suitcase is still MIA from South Africa, but tonight as I was trying to find my connector cord to hook my camera up to my computer to put the Carlin star picture on here… I realized all my connector cables are, too, in that suitcase.


I’ll put it up here as soon as I can.

It really made Hollywood real for me. Real as in – not just the glitter and glam and famous sights and sightings… it’s a neighborhood. It’s a community. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a home and a cemetery. It’s life and its death. And it was George Carlin’s home. He gave so much to this community, and between yesterday and today I’ve read about his work and I’m fascinated by all he has done and contributed. His life was about art, and seeing the people of Hollywood, the everyday citizens that live and work here, pay tribute to him on the very thing that the industry itself gave him as a memorial to his outstanding work and life, opened my eyes to the world here beneath the lights and fame.

Rest in peace, George. Your life and contributions won’t won’t be forgotten.

Until I can put up the picture, I’ll leave you with this:

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  1. I am so very proud that you know who George Carlin is (or was)! I have always loved him! Yes, at times he was crude……but he was always a scream! He would take the every day and mundane things and make them hilarious. I was so very sad when I saw the news yesterday and they said that he had died. NBC is actually showing Saturday Night Live this weekend where George Carlin was the MC.

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