on a less than serious note…

I found this today and have watched it…. well, okay just once – but in my head – I replay it over and over.

Enjoy — my favorite 30 Rock Scene.


Sorry – couldn’t embed the video in here because it was on a random site. I’m sure people that understand the internet probably could…… but not I, not I. It’s worth it.

When Matt and I were looking for apartments, we found the place we’re living early on, and we called.. and he had said he would call us back. We waited… and waited… and waited… and little by little… I started to give in and call him – once on this day, twice on that day.

So finally I showed Matt that clipped and we laughed hysterically. And all the rest of that night and the next day, until we finally did get ahold of him and got the apartment, we would make jokes about going “Tina Fey on his ass.” Hilarious.

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