random pieces and bits

My job keeps me online all day… everyday… so in those rare (…) moments when my boss and I send each other youtube links or I see a new headline I just have to check out, I come across some pretty fun stuff.

Here’s some of the random I’ve found fun lately:

Job Related:

While searching for images for hours on end (love my job), I’ve come across some pretty awesome protest related stuff:

Gotta love activism in America…

I can’t tell if the billboard was made this way or if someone went and painted it on there. Either way – it’s pretty hilarious. A little too obvious and not really clever enough to seriously tickle my fancy – but there was a least a little “oooh! hee!”


This is too cool/…creepy… I sent the link to my boss – I think the world of activism just went up a whole new level in the fashion department 🙂 it’s a cool idea. Insanely powerful visually. But also a bit much, perhaps. I can only look at it and really think about the impact of its meaning for a few seconds before I’m disgusted. Although – that may be just the idea…

And, my personal favorite…..

Oh, it makes me laugh. This woman was part of a group of Lesbian Avengers who protested in Seattle in 1999. I searched forever (FOREVER) to find pictures of these women.  Ended up going with a, uh – less… in your face one. But this, to me – so represents why the protests got so big and just WORKED in Seattle. It all started as a bunch of people smoking pot in the streets, drinking, chanting, cheering, just being chill. Then turned into this awesomely huge, serious thing that has made such a global impact and really, started a freaking revolution.

I won’t babble. But the picture is hilarious.

Not so work-related…

So, word on the street is that British (freaking rockstar) singer Amy Winehouse has the beginning of emphysema. She’s SO young, and girl has been smoking for so long and so much that she already has the beginning signs of it. It’s insane. Rumors are that she’s trying to get her shit together and quit so 1) she doesn’t die and 2) she can continue her career. She has won so many grammy’s, and her music is amazing. I hope she can get it together and stop being a trainwreck. Girl is craazy.

…start saying, Yes, yes, yes, Amy. –(rehab for cigs?… that could be cool…)

This is the last bit I have for ya today. This is craaazy cool. This kid has some mad skills.

Good luck, dude!

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