love the blogosphere.

came across this today:


Channing Tatum Unwrapped blog — it’s a pretty awesome fan site. Channing Tatum is starring in Battle in Seattle, the film I will one day be able to refer to as, “The Glory Movie of My Intern Days.”

(the Hotness, himself)

The fan that’s featured today on the blog talks about how stoked she is to see Tatum in Battle in Seattle. Tomorrow night Cori and I finally get to hit up a screening of the film in Beverly Hills (wahoooo!! one small step for interns, one large step for ….. interns……!), and once I see it, I’ll let you know just how right Adriane is about Tatum’s performance.

This film, I’m pretty positive, is off the hook. Everything it’s about is fabulous, the people in it are fabulous. Being an intern for it is fabulous.

I pretty much love my job, and even more – I love that my first tiny step into this industry is in a position where I not only get to learn SO much and really challenge my own beliefs and ideas, but it’s also one where I get to work on something I wholeheartedly believe in.

Rock on.

That’s my shameless plug and rant for today. Haven’t demanded the movie yet in your city?


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