I’ve seen the endangered wild dogs!

I came across this article about endangered African wild dogs

while doing news research here at work. When Alana and I went on our Holidays safari, we were really really lucky to see the wild dogs in … well… the wild. We came across a pack of them. Then, at the end of our trip, when we went to the Muholoholo Rehabilitation Centre, we were able to see more of them. It’s moments like this, coming across these types of articles, that I’m so filled with joy and gratitude and just overwhelmed with how fortunate and, well, blessed that I feel to have had these experiences. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the coolness factor… and wow – wow do I love how amazingly cool my time in South Africa was… but oh man, to be reminded of how special those experiences were and how few people get to see these things… it’s overwhelming. I want to take everyone I know… and just show them… have them experience this stuff. I also love that articles like this are being written. These amazing dogs and so many other animals in Africa and around the world ARE endangered and there isn’t enough protection of them.The wild dogs, though – they’re pretty incredible.

i wish these pictures were better, but my camera was actin’ crazy. you can see them on the side of the road.

This is a bit of a misconception for this animal. They’re aggressive and powerful… these were two of the dogs at the Rehab Centre… they’re definitely tamer than those still able to be in the wild.

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