Finally!!!! Battle in Seattle movie trailer!!

I’m SO EXCITED to finally put this up!!! On Wednesday our official trailer for “Battle in Seattle” was released… and….. HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!

I just watched it like 3 times in a row. I get so pumped up and excited when I see it. It’s like – this is going to happen! This movie that I will have worked on for several months… and just fallen in love with will open on my birthday (!!) in less than 60 days. We had a meeting here at work the other day, and the general message was, “We have around 60 days. It’s time to sink or swim.” This rush, this fear and excitement all at the same time – it’s what, I gather so far, that working on something you believe in – working for an independent film is like. I want it to succeed with everything in me. What we’re doing – how we’re marketing the film – the outreach we’re doing with the activist groups and individuals that were IN Seattle in 1999 – it’s never been done before. And oh my goodness – I just hope and hope and work hard and believe in it – and keep on hoping that we swim. This film deserves to swim, and the world needs to see it.

Enjoy the trailer!!!

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  1. Of the two trailers that I have seen, this is my favorite one, because it’s even more powerful. The new interactive site looks awesome too!!! I will be doing a post about it tomorrow to alert Chan’s fans.

    – Q

  2. I saw the movie and it was great!! Townsend does an amazing job of capturing the WTO protest. Everyone needs to see this film!

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