The Site is Launched, The Site is Launched!

I took part in a site launch!! Finally – all the stuff for Battle in Seattle is live and online!!

Who Controls The World? –> check out this site!! This is where the majority of the research and writing I’ve done this summer is. The site turned out amazing (not that I’m biased….!). I think I already posted this one – but the official movie site is Battle in Seattle – it’s also awesome.

Sorry I haven’t written much lately. Life was slow for the first half of the summer, but in the last couple of weeks it has picked up in huge ways. This weekend Alana is here(!!). She was one of my closest friends from South Africa — she was in a bunch of the pictures I posted throughout my trip. She just got back from traveling in Africa – Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique… I might have forgotten one or two. And then after that trip, she traveled on her own for 12 (?) days all around South Africa. So she’s had an incredible summer. She’s from Connecticut and flew in a little over a week ago, spent three days at home, and then flew out to California to meet up with a friend and travel up the CA coast. So now she’s spending a couple days here in LA. It’s been incredible to spend time with her. Last night Adam (the friend she’s with), her, Matt, and I went to dinner at a delicious, nice Italian restaurant at Hollywood and Highland, then we met a few friends of Adam’s (crazy crazy story), and then we met up with my boss and a couple friends of mine and had a few drinks. It was a great night. We had a blast. We came back here and talked for a long time – catching up, telling stories. I have missed her so much. Yesterday, I also got to see Brian (!), aka – Rockstar Friend. We also met in South Africa – he was interning at the Cape Times in Cape Town, and we met at Cape Pride when Alana and I went. We hung out a few times during the semester, and now he’s working at a camp here in Los Angeles. We’ve been trying to find time to get together all summer, but it’s been so challenging. He called me yesterday and said he had the afternoon off and wanted to get together, so he came up here to Hollywood, and we went for ice cream. It was so good to see him, too. It’s such an incredible feeling to reconnect wth these people that I shared the South African experience with. Things will remind me or something there or something I eat won’t be neary as good as it is there, and after a while, it gets to where it sounds pretentious ot make those ocmments when you’re not around people that were there. It was just really nice to be able to laugh over good times and reminisce about the things we so dearly miss. It was great to talk to people that got it… that miss it in the same ways I do.

So that’s about life these days. Work is great. Matt and I are great. This summer has really been fantastic. With Alana here, there have been moments where I’m reminded of the choice I made not to stay and travel in Africa and to come here – and there’s a part of me that wishes I had gone with her, gone on a long safari. But at the end of the day – well, No Regrets! and… I know I made the right choice for me right now. I’ve put down some roots in LA, made some friends, and I know when I graduate, moving out here, in a much more permanent sense, there’s not going to be that fear and anxiety of the (complete) unkonwn, not having friends, etc – it’s going to be… os much more about the excitemente and newness of starting “real life.” haha

Alright – that’s it. Today we’re going to get pedicures, find this store called “Dash” that is on a reality show Matt and Alana love.. .and cruise Hollywood – show Alana the sights (SO exciting to show someone that’s never been here!! My first time here – “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD THATS THE KODAK THEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!”) and that’s exactly what it’s like with Alana. It’s crazy to me that I’ve only spent a couple of months here, and it is already starting to not be… you know, so RIDICULOUSLY cool and exciting that – HEY – there’s the kodak theater, here’s the walk of stars. In a weird way – I guess that means… .it’s kind of becoming.. .home’like. That’s exciting. 🙂

Hope everyone is well!

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