It’s…. OLYMPICS Time!!!

With the Olympics coming up (IN TWO DAYS NOW!), I have been going crazy getting my gymnastics fix in – trying to learn which girls are “it” this year… who has what talents, etc. Our vote for All-Around gold? Shawn Johnson!! Matt and I have watched pretty much every major competition for, I’d say, the last 3-5 years- something in there. We’ve done nothing else but watch gymnastics for weeks on end. Mens – well, yay Team USA but we all know I’ve never cared that much about it. Paul Hamm did get seriously hurt (broke his hand), so he won’t be competing, and he was USAs best chance for a gold in all-around for men. BACK to women – where it’s important – Chellsie Memmel and Nastia Liukin are also amazing and definitely look out for them. Nastia does the hardest bars routine in the world.

Here’s a video of Shawn – so you can see *just* how ridiculously fantastic she is! (I seriously haven’t loved a gymnast this much since the days of Shannon Miller!). Shawn HITS every routine, and that’s what I love in a gymnast – pretty lines (that’s more Nastia) and consistency (definitely Shawn). She’s only 16 years old, she has the brightest, sweetest personality, and she’s gymnastics IT girl right now. She’s literally taken gold in the all-around in EVERY one of her national and international senior competitions since she became a senior (just in 2007).

Matt’s and my picks:

Team Competition: Gold – USA  Silver – China  Bronze – FRAAAAAANCE!! (Matt has this weird thing about wanting France to take over Romania and stuff… not like coup d’etat them. just gymnastics… )

All-Around: Gold: SHAWN JOHNSON!!! (Matt wants Nastia… he thinks she’s great – just like her sister… Kerry StrugGLES! BAHAHAHAHA)
Silver: Nastia Liukin (or Chellsie… Matt wants Beth Tweddle – we also want her to squirt water in her mouth before her bars routine. WATCH FOR THIS.)
Bronze: Jade Barbosa – Brazil (she’s awesome!)

Event Finals: (just golds)
Bars: Nastia Liukin (start value of 17.7  – highest in the world. look for amazing lines and beautiful pirhouettes)
Beam: SHAWN JOHNSON! (matt wants frikkin Nastia… but he also likes Shawn. Nastia is just older and has been beaten by Shawn in EVERY competition, but Matt doens’t think that matters and he thinks I’m mean… to him or Nastia I’m not sure. I just know my gymnastics and SHAWN IS THE BEST). When Shawn fully hits this event, she doesn’t wobble – not even a once – no balance checks. She’s amazing. Nastia, though, has beautiful lines and some really unique skills.
Vault: Alicia Sacramone! (She can FLY on this event!! Shawn has a higher start value – highest in world 16.5- but Alicia’s height and distance from the horse and execution roooock).
Floor: Chellsie Memmel (or SHAWN JOHNSON)

Those are our picks. Enjoy your Olympics watching!!! We’ll be out here in our tiny apartment, with TEAM SHAWN FOR GOLD and TEAM NASTIA FOR GOLD signs all over our apartment, eating pizza and enjoying the events!

Hope all is well!

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  1. Dee and I are watching the opening ceremonies tonight! We are excited!!

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