Strange URLs

Ever wondered how people name their websites? WHAT exactly goes through their heads when they come up with a particular phrase or question or set or seemingly completely unrelated words and then buy that domain space?

…I haven’t.

But some people have! So I decided to jump up on their interests and find the most fun ones I could. And tragically enough – there just isn’t much on google (that I could find) with lists of cool URLs. So I, being the expert (BAH!) blogger I am decided to fill this void in the googleisphere. (yes, I also coin words).

Here’s my list (cough cough – perhaps try to avoid checking out the last two…) –> that one’s Ron Paul’s. Man terrifies me. *shudder* – climate change –> I typed in URLs of my own crazy thinking trying to find some that exist, and after seeing this one I was determined to find like a “” or something, but alas – no one has taken THAT gem of a name. (that would be YOUR MOM… mom, do you control the world? hahah) (now come on. Of COURSE that’s dirty!) –> teeeheee I actually read it as “pen island” for the first while and I couldn’t figure out why it was on the list it was on… and then I got it and was like OHHH. I lose.

That’s all I got. I’m uploading a bunch of pictures today, so I’ll post some actual stuff from this summer soon.

Happy Opening Ceremonies day!

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