We Call Them “Ex” for a Reason

I feel like the word “EX” translates nicely into the ever-useful strikethrough editing tool:

Knowing you.

Liking you.

Enjoying your company.

Wanting you around.

Being a part of my life.

Allowed to communicate with me.

All things “Ex” related.

The point of this rant? An email from Editor Guy this morning:

“I was going through my facebook list, trying to catch up with everyone I haven’t had a chance to talk to in a while and you were not on it anymore. I hadn’t heard from you in a while so I figured you were busy too. Is everything okay?”

1) I unadded him on facebook months and months ago (that convo with Matt went as such – “No seriously! I  even unadded him on FACEbook!!!” Matt: “NO! You are SUCH a hardcore bitch!”) Yeah yeah so it might just be facebook, but it was a step to exing him out of my life.

2) he just noticed that i unadded him. that’s… nice…

3) I like that he acts like – oh i’m just concerned about you – are you okay? What he really means?? “I know I treated you like crap, but you’re Cyndi and so friendly and always eager to stay friends with people that I’m going to take you unadding me as an insult to my clearly fantastic personality and pretend to wonder how you are while all the while really trying to somehow get back in your life so we an start this completely assinine cycle all over again. ps – I’m probably single again which is why I suddenly have time to go through my facebook friends and, for sure, have time to email you! pps – you still in LA?”

4) I’m also at least part female – so I’m probably at least being part crazy here. This I acknowledge.I also acknowledge that he and I have been “friendly” this summer – as in we met at the Coffee Bean once and pretended to have a decent time, and one time I was even bored on a weekend night and texted him and asked if he wanted to see a movie.

There have been moments I have clearly considered the possibility of us being “friends,” but the moment has passed. And that email – somehow, someway – really got under my skin. Perhaps it’s nothing he did, maybe it’s just the completely even mix of dread and intrigue that fills my gut when I see his name in my inbox.

My conclusion, on exs?

I dont like exs. I think they’re useless. and pointless, and frankly, better off moving to some far away land like Montana where they can just ride horses and die there and, essentially, never be in the same city as you are or capable of contacting you in any way. …. Until 3 years later, if they’re decent people, when the harm of the relationship has subsided on both parties and friendship can ensue. Until then – go move to Montana. Ride a horse, Editor Guy.

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