Let’s Talk Olympics

I’m almost tempted to create a new page on this blog just for Olympics talk. Matt and I have filled our tivo with Olympics. From the Men and Women’s gymnastics pre-lims to the team finals to the American women fencing sweep astounding victories of man-fish Michael Phelps, we’ve been captivated by the 2008 Olympics.

I love this time of joy, harmony and pretend peace. For 17 days every four years (or whatever it works out to in other Games), the world seems to calm down. Well, I lie. This year with the Russia/Georgia conflict, it’s hard to believe in even the pretense of peace and harmony the Olympic Games brings, but at least personally, every four years, I put aside all those deep-rooted political beliefs – I forget it all and I fall in love with sports like the Trampoline and Fencing and synchronized diving.

I’m going to keep posting stuff – and I have a TON to report on gymnastics so far (of course!), but here’s one of my favorite cheesy NBC video packages so far of these games:

Michael Phelps Daily Diet –> becuase of where the video is hosted (http://celebrity.pixie-search.com/michael-phelps-daily-diet-video/) I can’t make it appear as a video on here. Bummer. But click the link and watch it. It’s fantastic. Phelps consumes between 8-12,000 calories a DAY!

Seriously – maybe all Americans should be swimmers! We’d all be so fit and be able to eat ANYTHING! Then again…… we may end up with a massive food shortage…

more of my thoughts on these olympics later! (especially the chinese gymnasts age controversy!)

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  1. some of us cant swim. also, i watched gymnastics at the bar for awhile. it was entertaining.

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