Gymnastics Judging WACK.

My heart is breaking for Nastia Liukin. Our brilliant, beautifully artistic all-around champion competed last night on the uneven bars final (by far her best event), and she tied in her score with He Kexin, one of the Chinese gymnasts that has been reported as being 13 in Chinese newspapers in the past. Even with a tied score, somehow He was awarded gold. The system is effed up, the judging has been bunk through all of the olympics – especially coming off of Chung Fei receiving scores higher than Alicia Sacramone on the vault finals, giving her the Bronze medal over Alicia, even when Fei landed ON HER KNEES on her second vault and Alicia landed both of hers and had great form. Judging has been contentious and debated, but now it’s time for something serious to happen… Both Nastia and Alicia were robbed of medals they deserved – Natia gold on bars and Alicia bronze on floor. A lot of talk has also gone around about how Shawn Johnson has been docked in scores simply on the style and look of her gymnastics being “inferior” in the judges eyes to more artistic gymnasts like Nastia. While gymnastics judging has always had an element of subjectivity in it, it is evident in these Olympic Games that the new system of scoring is inadequate, unfair and seemingly biased at times.

I came across this article – and it’s great:

Scoring Unfair… Alicia, Nastia ripped off

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