Who should you vote for?

So it seems that we all get caught up in our partisan ways. We figure out pretty early on if we’re staunch republicans or democrats, and we start to define our identity on that. I think sometimes we lose track of our actual beliefs and what we want in our country and our world because we’re so focused on the party that we identify with. Sometimes it’s good to go back to the basics and figure out what we really want.

I came across this cool quiz on neatorama.com this morning, and it was really interesting. It gives you quotes on different topics – one from McCain and one from Obama on each topic – but it doesn’t tell you who said what. I found myself immediately trying to figure out who said what so that I could answer based on teh person, not the issue. Then I realized I was doing it and tried to make myself stop. I ended up getting Obama, not surprisingly, but I actually had four check marks on the McCain side, which was really interesting and unexpected. So I learned some new stuff about myself too 🙂

Here it is – give it a go and see who you agree with more on the issues! Click here to take the quiz.

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