All you tweeters out there – throw your hands up at me!

That’s right – eff the facebook privacy controls. The twitter world DESERVES to see this picture.

Hey… hey hot girls, hey!! THE WORLDS HOTTEST PICTURE OF THE PAM AND THE CYNDI. if you can find a hotter picture in the world of the @pwidell and the @theycallmeal – i’ll like, buy you a drink.

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the job search: it’s starting…

I’m getting my resume, cover letter and clips together to start the job search, and I’m going to post it all on here. I need some feedback as to which clips I should keep and which I should throw out. Any critique on my resume or cover letter will be great too. I don’t have my cover letter quite done yet, so for now I’ll post the clips and my resume. I’ll add my cover letter hopefully later tonight.

Clips: I should submit about 7-8 clips. I’m thinking at least 1 from LA Family Magazine (although neither are my best work, but I might use both), 1 from L Magazine, and then the rest can be from the Daily Nebraskan. I need one review, one preview, one feature (But the L Magazine piece covers that), and then 2-3 columns. The columns are the ones I need the most help narrowing down. I need my best 2 or 3.

Got Pain? Try Swimming! — LA Family Magazine

Grilling Solutions – LA Family Magazine

\”Private Lives\” play preview (arts)

Catholic Shrine piece (features)

Possible Side Effects book review (arts)

Buddhist Documentary movie review (arts)

and… the columns:

Crisis Pregnancy Centers = bad

Gender Neutral Facilities

birth control prices rising

domestic abuse –> column i won with for the national society of newspaper collegiate columnists competition, so i’ll probably definitely use this one

gay rights integral to obama platform (recent – this semester)

palin nomination step backwards for women (recent – this semester)

I also have a couple articles in L Magazine – I’ll use one of them – it’s a features piece.

Okay so my harddrive crashed on my computer, and my roommate is being nice enough to let me use hers… but hers is a PC and the only copies of my resume that i have in my email are not compatible with her Word. So I’m going to have to copy and paste the HTML version of my resume into here. It sucks because you can’t see the formatting of it, and it looks crazy (I swear it doesn’t look anything like this in the real version)… but I’ll appreciate any feedback on the content.


Cyndi Waite


1845 F Street Apt. 6
Lincoln, NE 68508

(402) 613-0131


465 Freestone Dr.

Newnan, GA 30265

EDUCATION: University of Nebraska-Lincoln      Stellenbosch University, South Africa

      • Bachelor of Arts, English/Film Studies Semester Abroad, Spring 2008
      • Cumulative GPA: 3.7 Major GPA: 3.9
      • Expected Graduation Date: December 2008
      • EXPERIENCE: Opinion Editor (Fall 2008)/Columnist, August 2005 – 2007/current
      • Daily Nebraskan, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, Nebraska
      • Manage opinion staff – including weekly budget meetings, hiring and maintaining
      • Teach the art and skills of opinion writing to staff, as well as create opinion manual
      • Research information for weekly columns/stay up-to-date on current events
      • Meet every daily deadline successfully, with 100% completion of all assignments
    • Freelance Writer, August 2007-current

    • L Magazine, Lincoln, Nebraska

      • Submit article ideas and accept assignments
      • Complete all articles by established deadline
      • Editorial Intern, Summer 2007
      • LA Family Magazine, Los Angeles, California
      • Learned about and contributed to all areas of magazine production, including: editorial, editing, graphic design, human resources, publication, etc.
      • Researched and produced articles for the magazine.
    • Assistant Acting Director/Counselor-in-Training Director, Summers 2006/2007
    • Pali Overnight Adventures, Running Springs, California
      • Acted as a liaison between Pali Adventures and casting studios/agents and producers
      • Designed and implemented a program for young counselors-in-training that emphasizes leadership skills, integrity and initiative.
      • AWARDS:  National Society of Newspaper Columnists Collegiate Columnist Competition
      • First Place, Summer 2007
    • Daily Nebraskan – Publication Board Awards
          • First Place – Opinion Column, Spring 2006/2007
    • George Beadle Scholarship
      • Academic Scholarship Recipient, Fall 2004 – current
      • ACTIVITIES: •   Alpha Delta Pi sorority, 2007-current
        • Ronald McDonald House volunteer, Spring 2007-current
        • Watergarden Volunteer – Kayamundi township – Stellenbosch, South Africa, Spring 2008
        • Resident Assistant, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2005-2006
        • The Big Event, Community Service Program Leader, Spring 2006
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