Meet Me In Stellenbosch is back in action!

I might change the name of the blog… since I’m not in Africa anymore… but I am going to start blogging again.

So – let’s get this shiz-nit rolling.

Life in LA. I finally live here. I do… I LIVE here. But it’s still hard to say that. I have no idea where I’ll be in six months, so it still doesn’t feel any sort of permanent. But for now… it’s exactly where I want to be. I’m interning at Ms. Magazine – I think most everyone knows that one by now… if you want to check it out online. You can get copies of the magazine at Barnes or Borders – places like that. So far.. things have been good. The apartment worked out wonderfully – better than I could have ever imagined. My address is:

10849 Bloomfield St. Apt. #9
North Hollywood, CA 91602

The roommates are wonderful. They’re from Pennsylvania… they’re both Christians and pretty conservative… which is… interesting. We disagree on a lot, but we’re all SO excited about dialoguing and opening conversations about new ideas – Andrew, especially. He’s always ready for a good conversation about a new topic. I thoroughly enjoy them both. I feel like I’ve invaded their lives – we go do stuff together all the time, I go out with them… but they’r both like – no we love it! So it’s pretty great. Their old roommate (who is gorgeous, subsequently), moved out to move in with his girlfriend. He left a queen sized, nice bed and a dresser – which has been awesome for me. I was really fortunate with the entire situation. Actually, honestly, EVERYTHING has been great so far. The only downside of the last few weeks that I’ve been here has been not having a job. I’ve put out over 50 resumes/applications. It’s really sad. I went to an open interview at a restaurant the other day for a serving job, and I was the 80th person to sign in when I got there. By the time people stopped coming in, there were well over 100. To think that that many people are out day in, day out searching for SOMETHING to get by on… it breaks my heart. And I’m one of them haha BUT I did finally find something – I got offered a position at islands ( to serve. It’s really casual dining – and yes, there is definitely a part of me that thinks I have way to much experience for this place. I could be working somewhere where I’d be making much more money, but right now I have NO complaints. Finding a job at all has been difficult enough. I start there next Wednesday.

The magazine is going well – it’s been pretty slow because the person that gives out tasks and works with the interns has been out of the country. She’s finally back now, so I’m excited to start working on the new issue of the magazine. At the end of the day, no matter how busy or slow I am, I believe so completely in what this magazine stands for, what it advocates, what it fights for… the change it demands in the world, and that makes every moment I’m here worthwhile and amazing.

I love life, what can I say? 🙂

There has been a boy… I met him the first night I got here – he’s friends with my roommate Renee… they work together at a camp. He’s wonderful, hilarious, has the best attitude and spirit about life, and we match each other so completely in energy, happiness and excitement about everything. Of course, he moves to Oregon this Friday… So… that’s okay. Truthfully, that willingness to go and explore and figure out who he is and what he wants… and make it all happen, is so much of why I’m attracted to him that it would be contradictory in every way to be really upset about it. I’m just grateful I got a chance to meet him and spend time with him for a few weeks. I feel like meeting someone amazing, learning someone’s story and getting to know someone is a gift in itself.

The other interns at the magazine are wonderful. I work most closely with Noelle – she graduated in April from the University of Michigan. She’s fantastic and very fun. We have a “poor intern kid’s” Valentine’s planned for Saturday – complete with frozen pizza, cookies from cheap cookie dough, $2 wine (oh, it exists!), and action movies – we’re protesting the mushy love ones. 🙂 We’re going hiking that afternoon. It should be a great VDay. 

That’s all I got. Once I start making money, I’ll do more interesting things and post photos.

Misses and love to all.

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