If you can’t “Beat It,” ….. join it?

I can’t believe I”m posting on this – with that title, nonetheless. But Simon Cowell is at my door… and tonight’s episode of American Idol was a thriller. bahahahahaha I LOSE.

Top of the pack:

Danny – the guy with all the heart, an amazing story and a great voice – ’nuff said

Adam – I liked this guy when I first saw him in Hollywood week, but it wans’t until tonight that he absolutely convinced me of his ridiculous range and talent. He’s a winner – maybe literally. I wouldn’t mind a shop down between him and the original top of my list…..

Lil Rounds – soulful, totally r&b and full of friendliness and tons of personality… I love this woman. She’s incredible.

Kris – he  is John Mayer meets Jason Mraz. Adorable, sexy… and did I mention adorable and sexy? He also plays guitar and has a great voice. What’s not to love?

Allison – the badass but totally sweet rocker grrl – Not my personal favorite, but there’sno doubt she can sing. I like the gritty, gravely tone to her voice.

Matt – the bluesy piano guy.  Could he be similar to a Michael Buble? I like him… and I could see him coming more and more into his own as the weeks go on.
The Will They Won’t They? Group

They could be amazing… have been amazing in other weeks… but what happened? Will they make it happen or … not so much?

Jorge – the lovable, adorable Puero Rican guy that will probably not win but go on to make albums with a sort of Elton John sound. I fell in love with this guy during the top 36 when they sang in groups of 12. I don’t know where he fits in now – he wasn’t great tonight, but I really hope he doesn’t go home

Megan – the one with the too indie sound – she might go home, but if she can WRITE songs… she might have a real career as a much more indie artist with a huge following. I don’t think she’s completely mainstream and pop.

Alexis – the naughty, sexy, someone described her as Pussycat Dolls material and it’s totally true girl. She’s somewhere here in the middle for me – I don’t think she’s going home this week.

Michael – the oil rig guy without a distinctive, individual sound yet. I like his voice, but he hasn’t set himself apart yet for me that I really know and love him, but he’s good, really good. If he can claim his own space and identity in this competition, he may stick around for a long time.

Scotty – the visually impaired, inspirational singer and pianist – he’s incredible, no doubts, but he wans’t that incredible or memorable tonight. I’ll be interested to see how this goes for him – I’d like to see him continue.

Going Home?

Anoop is going home 😦 I like him – his personality and even his voice… I was so one of his biggest fans, but even I will admit that he’s all personality… I don’t think he actually has the voice to make it happen.

As for the other person… I’m not sure – maybe Megan or Jorge.

For the Win?

Judging off tonight – this is Adam’s season. Judging from everything – it’s a showdown between Lil Rounds, Adam, Matt and Kris.

Great night of Idol – …… I just realized, again, that I’m actually blogging about American Idol. This should be the part where I own it and embrace it… no… no it’s still embarrassing and kind of shameful. haha It’s much easier to blog about trivial things than what’s actually happening in my life – that requires emotional and mental energy 🙂

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