Cape Town: My One True Love

There’s a kid named Alex who goes to UNL who is currently studying abroad in Botswana (so envious!). He’s headed to Cape Town for the weekend, I’m assuming. He asked me what he should see/do while he’s there. I wasn’t online when he asked me this so I responded to him in a facebook post. I said:

everything – is your answer in cape town. everything. just stand in one place, turn in circles, take deep breaths, maybe close your eyes for a second and just take it in. it’s beautiful – no matter where you are, what you’re in front of – it’s just fucking breathtaking.

when you’re done with all that do Long Street. and i do mean DO. everywhere is amazing. everything is amazing. there is also what we dubbed the “gay strip” that’s fantastic if you like gay bars, but that’s not on long. robin island is amazing, of course. cape of good hope, the penguin colony, Canal Walk, amazing restaurants everywhere (eat pizza on Long!), and there are museums and all that jazz all around. but really – go spend a day at the beach and check out the mountains. it’s like almost painful how incredible it all is. drive/climb table mountain and see the view – it will blow you away. go abseiling and kloofing. you can see museums anywhere – go jump off cliffs while you’re in cape town!

I was struck by how much I both remember and have forgotten – I couldn’t remember the actual name of so many places, but the image and feeling of the places themselves was still so vividly with me. It also was surprising to see just how much I came to know and love a city after such a (relatively) short time. I know Cape Town. and then, it surprised me even more to realize that I NEVER did a museum in Cape Town. not once. and with all the history in South Africa, that should appall me, but it absolutley doesn’t. I did South Africa the way I want to do it again and again and again – at a completley visceral level. I felt it all, man. I jumped off cliffs.

After I wrote this – without much thought, all it just feeling and remembering – I read through it and couldn’t help but come to the strikingly clear conclusion that Cape Town may be the love of my life. I’d even chase it to an airport and buy a ticket to tell it I love it. This must be the real thing.

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