Global Women’s Rights Awards Gala

I’ve done some pretty spectacular things these past few months in LA – partied with the Guerrilla Girls (okay, more like crashed their party…), sat in on staff meetings with Ellie Smeal at the helm, edited with the senior editor at an incredible publication – been published in the most revered, prolific, incredible feminist magazine there is, interviewed for a position to be the FMFs Vice President’s assistant, seen Kirstie Alley order three dozen cupcakes (they were for friends!), not died seeing movies at the fabulous Highland Theater, met Amy Brenneman and Ellie on the same day, eaten an inordinate amount of bagels in the office… and the list goes on.

But this past week – last Wednesday – may have been the topper, the pinnacle of my experiences as an intern these past few months. Actually, I take that back – seeing my name in print in Ms. and holding a copy of this new issue of the magazine for the first time – that’s the winner – but… one of the toppers, the pinnacles, of my experiences as an intern these past few months… was the annual Global Women’s Rights Awards hosted by the FMF. The event is a fundraiser – this year the these was the intersection of women’s issues and the media. There is a live and silent auction, it’s held at the Beverly Hills Hotel, and it’s a night to remember.

For weeks prior, while doing phone and administration work, I was also working on helping out with the event. I wrote a good chunk of the descriptions for the silent auction items, which was absolutely a joy and such a fun way to be involved. The day of, we (the interns) helped finish registration stuff – getting nametags and registration envelopes prepared. We helped set up the event, and then we got ready for our event duties. Noelle and I were each assigned to a person for the night – mine was Amy Brenneman – an actress on Private Practice (she was also Judging Amy on the same name show). I adore Private Practice and her so it was a pleasure. Noelle was working with Christiane Amanpour, one of our honorees this year. She is the chief international correspondent for CNN. She’s incredible.

Throughout the night I had the pleasure of meeting – Christiane, Amy, Neal Baer – the executive producer and head writer for Law & Order: SVU (another honoree), Jay Leno (who hosted the live auction – his wife Mavis is a board member and strong feminist), Diane Lane, Tim Allen (he’s a feminist?), Dolores Huerta (!!!!! the legendary, iconic, incredible, amazing, absolutely wonderful and accomplished and gaaaaahhhh brilliant labor movement leader herself), and a host of other brilliant people.

I could talk forever about the event, but I’ll stop and post the few pictures I have now. There are more coming!


From left to right – Me, Kierstyn (an FMF intern), Christiane Amanpour (Chief International Correspondent for CNN), my new best friend – one of the DC FMFers, and intern Noelle. Christiane has this intense presence; she walks into a room and controls it without ever needing to say a word.


Kierstyn, Me, Amy Brenneman, Anushay, Noelle, intern Lindsey   This is the first picture we took with Amy. I marveled all night at her ability to know exactly where the camera is… where the light is. Tyra would be proud. She is so much fun to be around – a lot of energy, and she always keeps eye contact with you, as though she’s genuinely interested in everything you’re saying, though I’m sure she talks to a million excited interns like us all the time 🙂


Kierstyn, Me, Amy, Editor Jess, Noelle, Lindsey — Another picture with Amy, this one with Jess! We dragged her in the photo. My face is so red in all these pictures – it’s like I’m bursting at the seams with excitement. I don’t contain any emotion very well haha but it was so incredible being around her. I never actually told her I was a huge fan or asked any questions about her career or the shows… I sort of wonder if I should have, but I’m pretty sure she knew… I don’t think I hid it well….


Me, Diane Lane, Anushay — Anushay was awesome at getting these pictures. She was completley natural at going up and introducing herself. It was wonderful to be working on the event/to be with FMF – it gave us more, well, uh, reason to say hello. Ms. Lane was at a front table and looked like she had a wonderful time. When we introduced ourselves, she was so friendly, shook our hands and was gracious about taking a picture with the two excited fans. She’s absolutely beautiful in person – she looks exactly, EXACTLY like she does on screen.

It was a beautiful night. I cried at several different parts, and I was backstage, where I couldn’t even hear all of it. I’ll post the pictures soon I took with Jay Leno, Dolores Huerta and the others.

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