I completely and utterly lied about having made the JET decision. I think I thought I was telling the truth, or I was at the least trying to convince myself that I had made the final decision, but no… not even a little. It’s going to be fascinating to read this in a year and know what happened. Ultimately, whatever happens will have been the right thing. I hope. I hope my life philosophies aren’t radically altered this year in depressing ways.

So something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time —

Stellenbosch things.

Here’s a quick list – I’ll do it up better later.


Cal’Caccio (pizzapizzapizzapizza – the classy kind)
Java Cafe (wireless internet, good food – variety)
Bohemia (pizza and chips for LIFE)
Beads (pasta)
Julians (cute cafe – great desserts – good food)
Chinese place in Eikhart mall (super cheap, really tasty buffet on Friday nights)
Place I don’t remember the name of at the gate of Concordia (if you’re on campus – more traditional south african food)
Lecca il gelato (spelling? world – er, south africa’s – best gelato)
Kauai (wraps, smoothies, fresh squeezed juice)
Cubana (chain – incredible steak, all around awesome food, fun drinks, do the flaming tequila shots, share hookah)

Bohemia (beginners bar – kind of emo/punk/indie rock)
Brazen Head (my bar, baby, my bar – watch futbol here – don’t come if you’re not cheering ManU)
The club at the top of the Eikhart mall… on the top floor – somewhat near the theater but outside – very fun
I wish i could remember the name of this awesome place we went to that had great drinks and tvs but also this great ambiance… plush like… nto couches or bean bags but like love bag things – whatever they’re called. Fun.
Everywhere on Long Street in Cape Town
the gay bars strip in Cape Town
Fandango – stellenbosch (live bands – great jazz, fun fruity cocktails)

To Do:

Hike Stellenbosch mountain
hike other mountains
keep hiking
botanical gardens in stellenbosch
kloofing in cape town
wine tasting/wine tours in stellenbosch
wine route – through the west cape
cape point/cape of good hope (penguin colony!)
old town stellenbosch – beautiful houses/architecture
museum on campus
beaches in cape town – any of them (they’re cold!)
abseiling in cape town (table mountain)
hike/climb table mountain
money willing – Kruger National Park (best use of money perhaps ever)
Cango Caves (outside of Cape Town – western cape)
The Waterfront in Cape Town (super touristy but pretty)

+8 million other things.

and no matter what you do in stellenbosch or cape town or the western cape or south africa in general – drink hunters dry and savannah dry and a ton of wine.